• It's going to get a bunch of add-ons soon (themes, support for markup in posts, captcha for signup), but hey, it's already a good start!
  • Howdie.

    Over from the WTPA forum.
  • Made it!

    [code lang="cpp"]
    //Hello Shruti!
  • Hello Shruti forum!
  • Yo Pichenettes :)
  • Cool! Love it! So someone post some pics of their shruti ;)

    Later, Lu
  • That’s the original one :D On the youtube videos you see an earlier prototype that looks like this:

    This one was a real mess… The Eagle parts library I used had the audio connectors wired the wrong way, so I couldn’t get audio from them. But my original design had a headphone output (at an embarrassing location), so this is what I used for all demos. Not to mention the control panel board that was a nightmare, ergonomically (buttons hidden behind the knobs, 6 knobs so close to each other that they became hard to tweak).

    (BTW, to post pictures, select “Textile” as a format and type the url of the image between ! !).

  • lo all..

  • Olivier, any chance of RSS feeds for this forum?
  • Roger, RSS/Atom goodness installed

  • @EATYone: to post pictures, select “Textile” as a format and type the url of the image between ! like this: !url!
  • looks good! any sound samples yet?

    i'm really looking forward to this.
  • Thanks for the RSS Olivier!
  • Hi there! Can't wait to start on this.
  • hi all, i'm in, too. planning to team this with a gorf (at first)
  • Hi everyone! I'm here too, waiting to get started :-)
  • Only now I noticed this thread… but to my excuse I must say that I’m really swamped by work right now…
    but I was able to free myself from work for half a day, and so here it is… my own private Shruti!
    Anyway, hi everybody!

    sorry for the bad pic… I only had the iPhone to make it, and it has a really bad camera (as we all know)

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