Anushri, "pioneers" run [all boards sold!]
  • I’ve build a pair of the new boards and they work great!

    You can buy boards here.

    Assembly instructions and BOM here.

    The quantity is limited. Don’t buy:

    • If you don’t plan to build it rapidly. The official release will be in early october anyway.
    • If you don’t plan to give feedback. I’ve sold a few Ambika mobo/voicecards to people I haven’t heard from since then – and I don’t want this to happen.

  • I’m down for this and can meet the criteria if delivery is within a week.

  • You’re in the UK, right? Then the board should be delivered within 1 week, yes.

  • Also, if you want a programmed ATMega, buy quantity = 3 of the spare parts item.

  • Yes UK, a pre programmed ATmega is a good idea. I’ll check out the BOM and if I can get all the parts from a UK supplier before Friday then I will order. Failing that I will wait for the kit (assuming you are planning a kit) in October.

  • Not in for this one, Olivier, but I hope my Ambika feedback was useful.


  • tempted! won’t have time over the next few weeks/month or two though. i’ll hold off till october…

  • btw, olivier, you should post this over on muffs. that place gets a shit load of traffic and there are lots of DIY types that would jump on this i reckon…

  • rhaaa another temptation….....

    edit : Olivier, did you already send the lp2 delay board?

    edit bis : when would you like to have your feedback? end of september?

  • @MicMicMan: it’s packed, I’ll send it tomorrow. If you want to get the Anushri boards shipped in the same box (that’s what you want isn’t it?), make a direct paypal payment of the boards price.

  • @ootini: I’d rather see these go to familiar people here

  • grr. glad i ordered other pcbs yesterday.

  • @pichenettes, I’m on the road for a few hours but want to order when I get home, any chance of holding one?

    Same thing if my delay PBS haven’t shipped!

    I’ll be home in Probably 4 hours

  • Screw it. Payment sent.

    (you read in my mind..)

  • i hope i’m in time this time!

  • Payment sent …
    Did someone already build the mouser BOM ?
    I could build it tomorrow alfternoon (Greenwich time) if nobody else do it before …

  • Payment send here too :)
    is there a really fast way of ordering the BOM on mouser? or is everybody just copy pasting it part for part like me?

  • There is indeed… You can copy and paste quantity | mouser ref lists on this page:

  • Tempting… Wonder if I can make it in time before the public release though? Hmm, gotta give this some thought. Would be nice if it could coincide with a ltd kit run of the Yellow Magic, but I guess one has to wait for everything to align.

  • The BA761 knob with quantity 0 is not necessary

  • Paid! Yay!

  • Yup, it’s your choice of knobs… BA761x21 or CP157+AA150 x21

  • Any info. on my question?

  • I’m sure you’ll get one!

  • Here are the two styles of knobs:

  • diggin the white ones! Wish I could jump in on this one, but too many projects going on at once! Think I can hold out till next month…maybe.

  • Snagged one! Adding the necessaries to this weeks Reichelt/Mouser/DigiKey orders.

    BTW: Is it possible to buy more of the Ambika voice cards?

  • Echo @jojjelito’s question re the voicecards…

  • love the white ones.

  • Board and Chips ordered, gonna have to make a mammoth order (both metaphorically with mouser and I think elsewhere as the spacers aren’t available here and with Mammoth Electronics for those v2164s (also for the LP build). If you have those spacers or any of spares of those spacers and/or the other non-mouser stuff (dpdt switches or 3.5 jacks) I would gladly paypal the difference for that directly. Just let me know before shipping. Glad I put off my mouser order till tomorrow!

  • daammmm you guy’s are to speed for me
    pcbs are already out of stock !
    Must wait now…

  • But not that long and you would probably get a full kit …

  • Is there anyway to get in on this Olivier? Since I am sending my money this week for the Ambika, I might as well just pool it all together!

  • All boards have been sold.

  • +1 for those white knobs. they look bad ass…

  • I think I prefer the ones on the right. More standard, but they’re quite classy and with the standard shruthi and ambika ones they provide some kind of a “mutable signature”. I’m a bit scared that the ones on the left tend to become fragile and lose their “hat” with time, use and sweat.

  • Just while waiting for the components, could you tell us what the outline dimension of an Anushri sandwich ?

  • PCB is 198x109. Vertically: 20mm spacer ; 1.5mm board ; 10mm spacer ; 1.5mm board ; 10mm clearance below the top panel.

  • Damn, they got sold out fast.

    I prefer the white knobs.

  • Hello,
    For moment I’m reading the schematics and I have a question,
    how with SW8 you can select BP from the filter to the VCA??

  • Is anyone else from the US in on the pioneer run? If so we might want to go in on a couple items (DPDT switches) from Farnell as there is a one-time $20 shipping and I can’t seem to find a compatible switch in the US, can’t figure it. spacing on the pcb switches from digikey and mouser (digikey has more) seems completely different, which seems crazy to me.

    Otherwise, would someone in the UK possibly be interested in ordering extras and shipping a few to me at the cost of shipping (or would VAT be a problem?)

    Will keep looking, ordering the rest of my build components today.

  • those switches should be available. I’ll be working on a US BOM this week. Have you checked newark?

  • Thanks for the dimensions

  • @nicoo: Look at the datasheet of the switch… There are 3 positions: A2 = A3, B2 = B3 ; A2 = A1, B2 = B3 ; and A1 = A2, B1 = B2.

  • link for buying pcb is dead ?

  • i’ve see your post too late

  • @pichenettes : sorry!! I never used DPDT “on-on-on” model (and shit It’s very expensive on

  • @altitude, yeah I checked Newark, they stock them, but ship from UK so thus the $20 one-time freight (on any single order). It’s why I figured if we needed anything like that it’d be best if more than one US guy got the Anushri boards to go in on an order to save on shipping. Can’t find the spacing elsewhere. Love to know when you have the bom ready.

  • I’ve posted a Mouser BOM over in the build thread….

  • shimoda, did you look at the mountain switch part at mouser off of Gwaidans bom?

  • Can’t you get Mountain Switch On-On-On switches for cheap at Mammoth Electronics or Smallbear?
    I think they were less than 3$ a pop.

    Edit: Saw it was mentioned in the build thread…

  • Oops-I didn’t realise they were on-on-on switches-the one in my BOM was just a straight DPDT, sorry. I don’t know if Mouser carries any submini on-on-on switches :(

  • I did look, but it looked on the datasheets as though the spacing was different, could’ve read it wrong though.

  • All component are in the way :D Does a 10 pin 10K network resistor (like the Shruthi one) will be ok?

  • Hey, what’s going on here ? Yesterday, I could not get online (MI-server not available messages in my browser) and today, home again after work, everything is sold out ?
    How fast do I have to be next time to get into a pioneers run ? I thought being one of the first to post my demand for getting on the pioneers run in the “announcing anushri” thread was enough to be on a kind of pioneers list…
    Okay, next time, I will be faster…have fun assembling !
    slightly disappointed

  • it even took an hour or 2. that’s not unusual, i’ve seen digital boards sold out 10 minutes after the countdown ended in the past.

  • The MI website was offline for some time though, which isn’t a good thing. Need my regular synth fix :P


  • I recommend just sitting in front of the computer waiting for something to happen

  • or maniacally checking your phone on the road.. I think I got home just in time to order.

  • @electrick
    The ShruthiVersum™ turns faster recently, every new Gadget adds a Rotation per Period. If you want really slow snaillike evolution maybe you’ll try M**g or for total halt and stasis Yåmahå or Kørg ;-)

  • @shimoda: Damn, you’re giving away all the damn secrets! SHHH

  • @fcd72
    I get you , but the Universe of my little son Marc(5) turns even faster than ShruthiVersum, especially when trying to get him to bed ;-)
    So I will keep on tweaking my Shruti-1 ….or my Andro A6.

    Greetings from Ost-Westfalen-Lippe/Germany !

  • don’t worry, kits are coming soon

  • Don’t be disappointed, the official run won’t be that distant in time…

  • @fcd72: Now you’re giving it away! Today’s fugly things (Krome and MicroKorg XL+ etc) and the somewhat dull-ish Integra-7 studio workhorse etc is saddening to see.

  • @pichenettes
    I am only “slightly disappointed”, as Pink would say “I had a sh— day”, so it gets on top ;-)
    In fact I am also thinking about an own project with your great filter and voice boards, but not on the AVR basis, as I am used to Renesas controllers…maybe on that little processor board I desigend some time ago (M16C 32Mhz, 256KFlash 20kRAM, 10-Base-T-Ethernet, MicroSD-Slot) and used in several PoinOfSale-applications…if my little son will leave me some time.

    800 x 600 - 56K
    800 x 600 - 55K
  • Is that using a PIC? it looks like a Microchip processor.

  • @6581punk
    No, it’s not a PIC its a RENESAS M16C/50 16bit Controller info

  • @electrick: you are not much farer away than i could throw a Shruhti – Greets from Grafschaft Bentheim

    @jojjelito: Next step would be a colored “Krome” i assume. They are boring me to death….although nice box for a plugin.

  • @fcd72: A camo paint Krome. Oh noes! I read that it won’t cost that stratospheric amount of money from that big German music e-tailer. Might be good for “those” ppl… the ones on a stage. 1000€-ish.

  • @jojjelito & fcd72
    To what extent does the colored version sound different from the non colored ? :-) lol
    I even don’t understand why a real musician would buy a synth/workstation with micro keys…I agree with you…same sound engine in different sizes and colors, nothing new.
    But we are going off topic…derailed again.

  • @electrick
    thats an esoteric question, go ask these 300€/m high end cable guys for a free brainwash ;) if you are done ill sell you some colored shruthi cases for the sake of better colored sound….

  • Everybody knows that black and red cars go faster. Maybe those colors lead to more oomph in the sound?
    Does the Krome have micro keys? I thought that was just the fuglies™ Microkorg XL+ and those controller keyboards.

  • @Jojjelito
    No, not yet…but maybe you’re creating the next Korg product: “MicroKrome” :-o

  • @If you want really slow snaillike evolution maybe you’ll try M**g or for total halt and stasis Yåmahå or Kørg ;-)@

    And if you want something that evolves in reverse try Røländ…

  • mutable instruments evolves that quick that the average of mi, M**g, Yåmåha, Kørg and Røländ is so good that you could include DSI and Wâldôrf and even the last 20years of PPG for a blasting positive Result

    Oh BTW i have black Cars. I wanted a red one but my better half insisted on black, a habit that got so bad that i had to hunt fir a black Microwave XT. Must be the reason i love these colored Shruthi Cases

  • I still want the iPad app PPG WaveGenerator. Waldorf – ain’t feeling it yet. Bugs and nothing really new as of now. Maybe that 48-voice 76 key cadmium Wave on teh EvolBay? DSI: Gimme a PEK, a P08, a Tempest and we’re good for some time. Until they really come up with something new. A proper analog/digital all filteriing all dancing updated Wavestation/VS/PEK mkII.

    Minibrute and Mutable are the outliers. Innovative, fun and nice sounding.

  • Considering that the minibrute came from Arturia.. meh.. I love that they made it, but their track record until then was (excellent) digital copies of old synths..
    @fcd everyone knows that red cars fade :(
    Nein nein nein, mein auto faded nicht! Doch, tut es!

    BTW, where’s the Æccess Virus Ti PØLÅR 25000 whiteout edition ? (BINGO – I got all the weird danish letters into one sentence!)

  • Pirating hardware is a lot harder. Soft synths suffer from piracy no matter now small their price tag. Some people pirate software costing less than $10.

    Hence why they’re making hardware? not to mention it works live with no latency and crashing.

  • only gernan red cars fade – i buy german synths but shurely no german cars….id rather use va plugins

  • I’d buy a Swedish red synth if a Nörd Modülär G2 came my way. Or maybe a NL2/2x. Wonder if they’ll make a new synth: Nörd Ågren (rougly translated nerd regret, Ågren also being a surname). I fear they’ve lost their way into performance EP/organ things, which are very nice but not for me.

    There are those who claim that our other Swedish synth maker Elektrån has something new coming up. Not counting the high-end modular Cwejman or Propellerheads and Sonic Charge and other s/w makers in Sweden.

  • Mhmm.. Tæænågæ ænginææring ØP-1 mk 25 perhaps?
    (Almost sounds like the correct manufacturer if you say it out loud in Danish.. hmmm.. Skål BTW !)

  • Oh yeah, forgot about those (facepalm!). And they’re in Stockholm. And I’ve played their gear™. Skål! Or as they say in Denmark (we sometimes like to think): Gajol!
    Who would have thought: An mp3 player/FM radio codec something something chip attached to an OLED and a DSP in a Mac-accessory like case. Great gear!

  • Dave Smith once said the reason he got back into hardware was that he realised a hardware synth is the ultimate copy-protection dongle ;)

  • The main reason to prefer hardware over software for users are:

    - switch on and play: no need to wait for OS startup to play music immediadtly.

    - direct parameter access thanks to real pots, faders and switch: no mouse necessary

    - analog sound

    - no synth obsolescence because of new OS

    The main benefits from computer for music are:

    - easier preset naming thanks to the keyboard

    - easier file handling

    - bigger color LCD display can be helpful to show the synth engine guts

    The main benefits from embedded software inside synths is:

    - make it possible to some extent to enhance the device with new features after release

    The thing is MI provide most of the benefits of all these beside openning mod possibility to hardware.

  • Missed out this time – I don’t think I’d have been able to source the parts in time though anyway, looking foreward to the release now :)

  • same here :)

  • Computer screen can be a huge advantage if your eyesight isn’t good. You can zoom or get a bigger screen, play with contrast etc.

  • boards arived! :) ... now wait for the mouser order and some time to put it all together…

  • still waiting, for this and lp, but some other stuff ordered!

  • maybe a stupid question probably due to my cast….. but… why is the “synth” board upside down compared to the shruthi?
  • @ shiftr, Is to do with gravitational force and analog electrons. When the components are inverted, the audio signal sits in the analog circuitry longer resulting in a thicker & warmer tone.

    • Original design was single board, parts on one side, controls on the other (I gave up, though, because this constrained the physical layout of the controls too much).
    • This allows solid board-to-board connections without the need for fancy parts. The “Double-stacked connectors” of the Shruthi is sort of OK with 14 lines (at most), but here we have 64 lines, including some very sensitive to noise, so we want a very solid connection system without super long stacking connectors.
    • Allows easy access to the parts for testing/troubleshooting (on the Shruthi you need to hook the control board and digital board through a cable if you want access to the filter board while control board is running.
  • It’s a sensible way to do stacked control boards….

  • Boards arrived a few days ago first, then I received the central detents pots and the main stuff arrived home on Friday while I was not at home. So maybe I can get everything on Wenesday and try to build it for next Week End…

  • Yay! My boards arrived today. It’s looking sharp :D With some luck, I’ll have switches and such before the weekend.

  • Looking foreward to seeing the first builds/demos, good luck guys :)

  • all the parts arrived … but too busy now to start… have to wait till next week…

  • Boards arrived in Sydney today-hurrah!!! Already have the “Farnell bits”, will be getting most of the resistors from my existing cache and Mouser order is on its way….solderin’ time!

  • @pichenettes, are the files to flash the Anushri MCU available online? I can’t find .hex files on github or the static archive.

  • I have uploaded the files.

    Here are the fuses:

    LFUSE = ff
    HFUSE = d4
    EFUSE = fd
    LOCK = 2f

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