The Anushri 2nd Run Feedback Thread
  • Ladies and Gentleman,

    as some of you may know, my Team and I here at daniels*cards were in charge to prepare the 2nd Run of Anushri Kits, Cases and ship the ones that had the European Union as Destination.
    We are interested in any Kind of Feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. Please report any missing parts, scrambled kits, praise and other issues here. We are interested in everything that can possibly make your Mutable Instruments experience better. Ill try to sort out Issues as long as Olivier is on his well earned Vacation.
    Please do not ask about tracking to non EU Destinations (i can’t help you here) or technical questions regarding assembly here, this should solely dedicated to the quality of Kit preparation, Packing and Shipping.

    Thanks for your feedback,


    Issues identified:

    1. use more rugged Bags for the Hardware that can withstand shipping better

  • well, absolutely awesome! terrible fast shipping along with all extra wishes fulfilled and as always even more than that ;)
    great work Frank!

  • ...ordered the same day when it was out but haven’t received the shipping yet and I am in France! Maybe it is Laposte whom to blame…

  • @syn
    Your item was presumably shipped on Friday – so its been 3 working days which would be incredible fast to France – remember your Kit was shipped from Germany and not within France.

  • I see. Thank your for reminding me of that:)

  • second that – v speedy shipping thanks! have kept my hands off it while I work on the logo for the programmer you are doing me though so haven’t even looked in the box…

  • Mine was at my door this morning and i’m in Canada(Montreal). I Know it was posted from Paris but it’s really fast! 3 working days.
    Thanks a lot!
    The only little thing was the plastic bag with nuts and spacers(rackmount). The bag was tear and the nuts and bolts were all over inside the box ;-) but nothing missing.

  • @markey
    Canada is always blazing fast. We already have ordered other bags for a possible next run.

  • yeah i’ve noticed it too several times: you guys know in advance and send my stuff out at least one day before i actually order ;)

  • 2nd the new screw bags – happened to the ambika kits as well..too much weight with all the extra screws compared to the shruthi kits.. Totally bummed :(

  • @jaydodge
    besides the destroyed Bag, are there Parts missing?

  • Still waiting delivery to Italy. Shipped last friday. I hope today will be the day…

  • Hi fcd,
    Sorry bout the derail since this is supposed to be about the 2nd Anushri run..but I am guessing its the same bags used for both.

    It appears only the screws, spacers and nuts partially disappeared (one kit was down way more than the other because the side wall failed). Hopefully between the two kits I have enough bits to get one working.

  • @jaydodge
    where are you? Inside EU?

  • Australia
    The big R doesn’t take PayPal here only money orders else I would have stocked up on these bits :)

  • puh, then is packing not my fault….. ;-)
    I am tempted to do an accessories shop as single Nuts an Bolts seem to be ridiculous expensive outside germany….

  • the nuts and bolts can be got in any decent hardware shop though. they are the most nonspecialized part in the kit…

  • Oh well..turns out more is missing so I’ll wait for Olivier to have a break and then let him know about the missing items.

  • What exactly is missing jaydodge – you can send me a mail if you like.

  • the candies were missing :(

  • @rosch
    This is for Kariesprophylaxe™

  • not necessary i always put out my teeth before swallowing candy

  • Frank & Olivier already know this, but my Ambika kit also had a hardware bag failure, with spacers, nuts and bolts all over the place, with 2 spacers missing from the box…

    Still waiting for my 2nd run Anushri kit to arrive (east coast USA).

  • I received my Kit yesterday, and built it straight.
    Very pleased with the experience. Nice contact with Frank, fast delivery, nothing missing or unclear.
    The synth works right away, with no problems or faulty parts.
    Case was of very nice quality, fitting to the millimeter.

    I even got candy ;)

    Video of the build (timelapse) can be seen here.

  • Just got my Ambika kit from Olivier delivered from France. There was also a screw and it’s counterpart (Mutter) flying around in the box. It looks like they have slipped out of the the srew bag.
    Maybe the bags could be packed a bit tighter so that the parts cannot move within the bag?

  • hello,
    i’ve bought a anushri the 12/13/2012 (order #4483), shipped the 12/14/2012, and i’ve no news from french post (i live at Avignon, South of France). I begin to be worried.
    syn, have you received your kit?

    thank you!

  • No, not yet^^ Don’t worry, I am in Albi south France too. So we are in the same boat.

  • Yo beren,

    just checked,
    you parcel leaved germany saturday the 15th, i can’t track it any further from here. it is registered mail, so I’m pretty shure it will show up, mostly shortly after you get so upset that you really want to do action. sorry for this inconvenience but i really have no influence on the service of the french postal system.

  • (I know this thread is not supposed to be about delivery times) But mine arrives in small town Texas yesterday (that was fast!). I’ll report on any deficiencies, but it looks good so far. The hexagon rods didn’t like being in captivity though.

    Customs left the case alone this time, no orangina involved. The addition for midi and in/output plugs is very nice (rackmount case). Well done.

    Does anyone have the P/N for the Optrex Step (Kyocera Display) LCD display for this baby?

  • Whoops, meant Optrex for Shruthi. I understand the display for the Anushri is holographic only. :-)

  • thanks, fcd72, for your reactivity… syn, we stay informed!

  • @Greenrange: Unfortunately there is no Optrex STEP display that fits the Shruthi. You want an 80x36mm display and Kyocera Display only makes 16x2 character LCDs in 84x45mm or 122x44mm size.

    However, you can get OLEDs in yellow, green, blue (pale blue), white (slightly blue-ish) and red if you search this forum for references. Those will easily smoke any LCD in terms of contrast and speed.

    Back to the normal thread contents!

  • Received my kit thursday (France ) , everything seems to be Ok, just a problem …. :
    I had to wait after Xmas to get back home and build it …. ;)
    THanks Fcd72 and merry Xmas to all

  • Received my kit too this morning. The kit seems to be OK.
    I’m so happy! Thanks fcd72 and olivier!

  • Yes me too! Nice soldering!

  • My Anushri kit came very fast (shipping within Germany). All perfect, finished it yesterday, works like a charm. There’s one 4x6mm screw left, but I can’t figure out where it could be missing ;)


  • Its a NewYearsGoodLuckBonusScrew™ you should carry around permanently in your wallet….

  • Everything was absolutely perfect! Thanks!

  • Received my Anushri on December 21st, just before the Holiday break, awesome. Super fast shipping, beat a module coming from Sweden by two whole weeks. Kit is a very fun build and well engineered, and DOES include candy. Has anyone eaten theirs, what does it taste like? Where is the picture pron section for built Anushri’s? Here is one from my build.

    1245 x 934 - 295K
  • it’s the top sticky thread on the forum, census of successfully built kits

  • My kit is finished and fully functional as far as I can tell. Support here has been outstanding, everybody is patient and friendly enough to deal with noobs. Thanks to all and I hope to purchase more mutable kits soon!

  • Took forever to make it’s way to Cape Town but she finally made it here, was a dream to assemble, worked perfectly the first time and sings like a bird!

    Only feedback I have is:

    • I’d be willing to pay extra for an option to ship via DHL/FedEx.
    • Box and packets should probably be a little bit sturdier.


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