damaged anushri during assembling
  • before I wanted to put my fresh soldered anushri into the case I was about to check the voltage with the psu (7,5V 300mA) from my already working struthi.
    I guess my fault was powering it without the control board connected – first the red points were around 2.4V then after 5min 0V – the psu had been destroyed (also won´t power up my struthi).
    so far…
    I bought 2 new psu – struthi works correct ;-) but checking the voltages on the ansuhri (with controler board connected) are like this.:
    PSU is at 7,5V

    input dc voltage (1) = 7,45V
    Input DC voltage post (2) = 6.6V
    LT 1054 (2) = 6.6V (3) = 0,62V !!!
    7805 1 = 6.6V – = 0 0 = 2,76V !!!
    7905 + = 0 1 = 0,62V !!! 0 = 1,3V !!!
    red points 2,5 – 2,74V !!!
    green points 1,3V !!!
    purple 2,6V !!!
    cyan 0,6V !!!

    also checked with PSU set to 9V

    input dc voltage (1) = 8,96V
    Input DC voltage post (2) = 8,15V
    LT 1054 (2) = 8,15V (3) = 0,59V !!!
    7805 1 = 8,15V – = 0 0 = 2,18V !!!
    7905 + = 0 1 = 0,59V !!! 0 = 1,1V !!!
    red points 2,12 – 2,18V !!!
    green points 1,11V !!!
    purple 2,11V !!!
    cyan 0,61V !!!

    no lights,no sound,...

  • Looks like your 1054 is fried. Is it hot to the touch? I’d suggest checking for shorts then swapping out the 1054.

  • +1 on the damaged LT1054.

  • What kind of Wallwart did you use that it was destroyed???? Assuming you are from germany (deducted by your NickName) i recommend this which powers over here about everything (Shruthis, Anushris, MidiPals, 3 Shruthis at a Time, Various Prototypes, MS2000BR, AMT-8, Storio-2…. it even charges my iPhone). Its absolutely resistant against shorts as i can assure you from various accidentally and forced misuse and won’t break even when you draw maximum current for prolonged time.

  • That link gives me about 18 results – which one exactly do you recommend?

  • This is my Standard Wallwart, powers 2 Shruthis (i just cut the wire and soldered 2 of these in Parallel), An Anushri and 2 Mysterious Prototypes and isn’t afraid of a Waldorf MicroQ. I have about 12 or 13 of them and i actually keep one in the glove compartment of my Car – besides a Can of Prosecco (you would want to offer the Officer a Dring when caught because of speeding, wouldn’t you?)

  • ewww you drink that stuff from CANs?

  • No, he makes the officer drink it :-)

  • I don’t make any Officer do anything. I only offer. I have a chilled glovebox compartment so i can offer cold Prosecco in the Summer . . . thats italian luxury!

  • solved

    80% of my ICs have been on the wrong position,because it just said “insert ics” – in the struthi assembly every IC was named – so I didn´t thougt about that and just put them in like they fitted,not careing about their numbers!!!
    The effect was killing a cheap ansmann 7.99€ PSU that had no wallwart,but was fine with the struthi – the new PSUs now have wallwarts and some more mA…
    After replacing the ICs I got the following values:

    PSU 7,5V

    input dc voltage (1) = 7,57V
    Input DC voltage post (2) = 6,76V
    LT 1054 (2) = 6,76 (3) = -5,86V
    7805 1 = 6,76V – = 0 0 = 5V
    7905 + = 0 1 = -5,86V 0 = -5V
    red points 5V
    green points -5V
    purple 4,1V
    cyan -4,1V

    lights yellow and sounds fat!

    I guess that due to the low voltage (7,5V) I first put in the main board without the controler board connected,it could not have been possible to damage the chips,even if the PSU had a wallwart?

  • i guess you have been really lucky

  • I have just had a similar experience, the psu I have succesfully used on the struthi , after some voltage checks on the anushri, has killed the psu..

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