Components needed
  • Hi all,

    Could someone help me and send me these components?

    3x LM4040 Vref TO92 4.1V
    2x Polystyrene, 2.5% Axial 220p
    5x Ceramic 2.5mm pitch 560p
    1x Polystyrene, 2.5% Axial 2.2n
    4x Electrolytic cap, NP/audio 2.5mm or 2.0mm pitch 4.7u
    (according to Mouser E.5.45 in total excl. shipping…)

    I live in the Netherlands.
    I can pay using Paypal or Banktransfer
    Feel free to charge a bit for your effort

    Thank you
    Geert [at> Goltstein (point) NL

    The BOM has Farnell Part number column.

  • Unfortunately farnell and mouser charge over 20 Euro for shipping.
    If anyone could help me out, I’d be grateful.

  • i should have everything you need, let me check this afternoon when i’m at home again

  • that would be great!
    I just sent you an email

  • anyone?

  • components bought at mouser…

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