Anushri PWM Control Not Working [solved]
  • PWM Mod works though it’s just that with PWM Mod set to zero (12 o’ clock) the PW sounds like it’s fixed at 50% no matter what you set the PWM control to (Mix fully right, sub osc. off, FM off, sync off)

    Before I desolder the pot off the board to check it, any pointer as to other things to check?

  • Just to add: I checked the voltage at the pot, 5V in, 5V 0V -5V out (fully left, centre, fully right) so it would seem the pot is OK

  • Sussed it. PWM control goes via the PW CV socket and is switched out if you have cable plugged into it. At this point I don’t have the CV jacks soldered onto the control board as I’m waiting for a custom case (so will solder them last using the case top panel to help line them up properly)

  • Heheh I did the same. One of those “ oh yea derrrr” moments. Happy tweakin