ceramic cap substitution in kit?
  • So when the build instructions specify “5x 560pF (561) at positions C8, C17, C30, C32, C35.”, I got 5x of ceramic caps that say “102” on them in my 2nd run Anushri kit. I’m guessing that’s 500pF? If so, I presume that’s an OK substitution?

  • 102 means 1n, 560p should be labeled 561, see here

  • Thanks Frank – but my question remains then: are 1nF caps OK at positions C8, C17, C30, C32, C35? Because that’s what came in my kit….

  • No, these should be 560pF caps.

  • Bummer – I have no extras of these laying around. Oh we’ll, time to do a Mouser order soon anyway…

  • Is this a kit from the 2nd run?
    If so, i wonder where the Caps came from…. either its a miracle or everybody else has 1Ns also which i doubt ( i checked every Bag myself twice and the girls are trained to complain if it doesn’t match, also)

  • I am puzzled too, because I don’t have this kind of cap in stock – The only 1nF I have are the WIMA type used on the SMR4 (&mkII). Can you take a picture of the part? This might be a mishap that happened at the factory.

  • Yes, this is a 2nd run kit. My 1st run kit had the “561” caps. Apologies for iPhone photo, if you need better let me know.

  • Öhm….

    Can please anyone else check his kit/build?

  • my 2nd run kit was fine.

  • mine had 561

  • ok….mysterious xFile Parts.

    If you like to dan, ill send you some replacement 560n Caps – it happens i have some on stock (obviously)

  • ...the last 560pf caps i ordered at farnell a few days ago also confused me…. i got a belt with 100 pieces… the belt has 561 labeled caps and 102 labeled caps…
    In one belt and “changing”.. the first 20 have 561 written on it, then 20 have 102 written on it and so on…
    Didn’t try them yet… And didn’t ask farnell yet…

    So if Olivier ordered his caps also at Farnell, he probably got the same belt as i did…

    I just sent Farnell an Email and asked about the caps. As soon as they will answer me, i’ll post their answer here.

  • Yo dan, have you any chance to measure these caps?

  • derkollo, thanks for chiming in, that might be the problem as I order the caps from Farnell.

  • @pichenettes
    i thought so.
    We will see what Farnells answer will be…

    Sadly i have no possibility to measure them…

  • @Frank – Mr. Noob here, I don’t know how! Can I do it with this?

  • sadly with this meter you can’t measure capacities…..

  • Didn’t think so. You want me to send them back to you to investigate? And don’t worry about sending replacements, I’ll just get them from Mouser, have to order my voice card stuff soon for my Ambika anyway…

  • I presume they are just labeled wrong….

  • here’s one from seeed
    diy kit for 11 bucks, works good enough for being sure about parts.
    but a good quality reliable cap meter that goes down to 1pF is on my to buy list, they be at least 60€

  • Anyone have any idea if this one works well enough for this type of thing? It’s only about $16….

  • It should work well enough for the most used caps you’ll encounter in microelectronics. The odd case of a 1F supercap or something meant as a power reservoir for car stereo won’t be covered, but such is life :)

    Unless it’s totally crap, at least you’ll be able to test and keep some common caps apart.

  • Thanks – yeah, that would be my use case, like rosch says, just to be sure about common DIY kit part values…

  • Ok, since Farnell didn’t answered my email, yet, i contacted them.
    They said that they allready started a storage check according to this item because someone had the same problem.
    They will now contact me when they finished their check.

  • The race is on – to see whether Farnell contacts you first, or my new cheapo capacitance meter arrives in the mail first… ;-)

  • Go capacitance meter! Once you have it, you’ll notice that it quickly becomes indispensable making all DIY easier ;)

  • Hehe, Farnell was faster…but not really helpful… All the caps they have in stock are “normally” labeled. They offered me to exchange the ones that were labeled 102. Dont know if they are just labeled wrong or what now…

  • It doesn’t really matter except from the perspective of truth searching. If they’re really 1n you can’t use them, if they’re 560p you shouldn’t use them because sooner or later somebody will wonder why you used 1n instead of 560p and by the time they realize the labelling doesn’t match the value they will have cursed you a hundred times over. At least.

  • Yes, you are definitly right about not using them in case of beeing 560p. But if i knew they are 1n i can use them at other points…
    It would just be a change of numbers in stock: Some 560pf less and some 1n more.
    But it is more about the people who bought kits from here and now asking weather they can use them or not…
    It’s not perfect, but may be better then sending new caps to dozens of people…

  • Farnell’s answer on that: “You ordered the parts more than two months ago, we don’t care”.

  • Just checked – the next run has definitively 561 labeled 560p Caps.

  • Capacitance meter arrived: the answer is….

    “102” caps = ~1000pF.

    The values ranged from about 920 – 1015 pF.

  • Hi Olivier
    Is it possible substitution of 560p capacitors for more accessible 470p or 680p caps?Is it not radically affect the sound or damage any of the IC’s? I mean 6 caps in LP2 Delay filter.
    Eventually I will have to order KERKO560P from Reichelt but I’d rather avoid another retail orders.

  • it’s fine.

  • Thanks. So wich value will be better? 470p or 680p?
    May i should try to join 120p and 430p in parallel connection?

  • There’s no better “choice” – both are within 20% of the original value, in either direction.

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