SPDT and SPST switches pin numbers ?
  • I am in the middle of the soldering where I need to solder switches

    But I am concerned about the numbers on the PCB as there no numbers for pin on switches ? and documentation does not tell anything about it.

    Can somebody guide me through ?


  • The switches have no orientation.

  • Thanks. It’s done. All soldering work is finished. I will place all ICs then;

    Should I plug the the power ?
    and do recomended measurement and checks with or without control board ?

  • Insert the LT1054 only and start by checking the +/- 5V rails.

  • Hi @pichenettes

    Thanks again

    Just LT1054 ? no power adapter ? and check red and green points ?

  • Wouldn’t it be magic if there was voltage on the power supply points without your connecting any external source of power?

  • @cereyanlimusiki
    You could be consultant to our Chancelor Frl. Merkel for the Energiewende™ if you were really serious about it ;-)

  • @pichenettes everybody is telling “ ask if you are not sure” :) I did. I will be keep asking even it might be stupid question :)

    @fcd72 I will try to help all world leaders for their enviroment friendly energy problems :)

  • @cereyanlimusiki
    The person you want to help should have at least have a slight ability one/or will to learn, so sadly you would be of no use whatsoever for Frl. Merkel. You could only get paid for consulting which means bloating meaningless phrases to the public as a smoke bomb and not further disturbing the Koaltion on their retention of power. At least thats what i can conclude from the press (legal advisory ;-) )

  • @fcd72 the term ‘Frl.’ (Fräulein) makes her almost sound cute, this being so far from reality makes me think you should apply for a public relations function somewhere in the corridors of friendly power.

  • I like this forum and how the topics are dereailed :)

    I will put the LT1054 and power adapter which is plugged to a Swiss power outlet ( Green Energy ) and do all power distribution testing as suggested on documentation.

  • I checked 1,2,3,red,green,purple and cyan points and all of them are fine.

    Now shall I put all ICs ?

  • Thanks @pichenettes It worked at the first time.

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