Anushri Power Help
  • Hi everyone,

    Just finished my build for the Anushri and for the most part had no troubles except for one thing. When powering up I’m finding that it is quite inconsistent (only consistency is that it doesn’t work).

    For example, first few times I turn it on, it warms up and most of the points in the pic check out. It’s rare but sometimes when I’m troubleshooting w/ the power on, the LEDS will light up (all but LED6) and stay lit until i turn it off.

    I think my issue might be the cyan point… it is not giving me a -4.10, it’s giving me a 0.03ish reading.

    Could this be my issue? Is there anything else that could be related to what’s happening?

    Thanks for the advice and if you would like anymore information I’d be happy to provide it.

    Troubleshooting Results for Power:
    All Reds – Pass
    -Red on CD74HC165E shows 4.00ish and not 4.95 like all the others

    All Greens – Pass

    Point 1 Read – 11.29

    Point 2 Read – 10.48

    Point 3 Read – -9.40

    Purple – Pass 4.10

    Cyan – 0.03

  • Maybe you have swapped a voltage reference with a transistor? Please check all the ICs, and post a photo of your board.

  • Here’s a pic of my board.

    3264 x 2448 - 965K
  • Fixed the 6th LED so they all light up now when they turn on, which is still inconsistent… Checked all my ICs, they all now get roughly a 4.95 +/- reading in the red and green points of the pic… now my LM4040 cyan point gets 0.00, even when resoldering it. I don’t think I swapped anything, I was careful and slow when I followed the directions, my pic hopefully will show that everything for the most part is in the right place.

    I’m not an expert by any means, but looking at the plans, what the LM4040 is in the path of seems to be getting power but is the LM4040 at IC13 causing the issue? Do I need to replace it?

  • I took a closer look at the components after reading the newer case regarding power issues because it sounds similar to mine. After reviewing the parts they are definitely in the right spots. I’ll try my luck at replacing the LM4040 in IC13 and see what happens.

  • Mind blown* ... I go to my studio and power test there, now I get a reading of -4.08 on the cyan point and the lights start up every time it turns on… I think I’m good to go in regards to power, now I need to figure out how to make the lights blink and have it make some sounds… Thanks for the help on this one!