• Hi all,
    I succeded with my Anushri and it work very well. :)
    I’ll have to test it’s midi out with my Shruti this week.

    Just one question:
    Is it possible to do this mods, and invert vcf env?

    Thanks to Olivier, Frank and all at MI !


  • Thanks for the cheers but luckily im not an Employee or Membet of MI. Else id drive Olivier crazy with my everstupid questions and render him unproductive for weeks….,

  • The VCF modulation is computed in software, so if you don’t mind tweaking the code it’s relatively easy to do. Otherwise, you can build a simple op-amp circuit with a TS912 (so that you get the full voltage range) and two resistors (basic inverting amplifier with a gain of -1) + a switch to bypass it; and put this between the DAC output for the VCF CV and the rest of the board.

  • Thanks for the idea Olivier.
    I will be able ( I think) soon to do theses mods. But I have to better understant the schematics before.

    have a nice day…

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