ESD sensitive components
  • hi there,
    i´m about to start soldering my ambika together. SMR4, SVF & 4P. I´m not using a antistatic wrist strap or similar. Not even Pliers. I just use my hands and a hakko fx888 and a PU foam (
    Are there any components which i´m absolutely not allowed to touch with my hands? Are there other people out there doing it the same way?
    Don´t have a carpet on the floor, like some people here in the forum ;-)
    But, what i´m doing before soldering, i´m just grounding myself by touching the metal table legs. is that enough? My brother told my to this, back in the days as we were kids in 1980is. :-) I recently built a working table made out of wood panel which i holstered with this material..

    added some photos of my newly built working base.

    any concerns?
    please share your thoughts!


    1600 x 1200 - 939K
    1600 x 1200 - 849K
  • As long as you dont rub Ballons while soldering everything should be OK. There are no highly sensitive Parts – expect for the Resistors :-)

  • I think the only part used in MI designs that is really ESD sensitive is the 2N7000 which is used in the Ambika SVF card – and when I built my Ambika even that didn’t blow up just because I wasn’t using a wrist strap. If you use some common sense – which you obviously are doing already – you should not have any issues.

  • No carpet on the floor-big tick.
    Avoid wearing wool or synthetic fibres, don’t use aircon and you’ll minimise chances of static. Apart from that just be careful. Just be careful around the 2N7000 like Bytefrenzy said.

  • thanks guys for your thoughts and answers. as always fast and helpful. good to have you around.

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