Anushri Power distribution test issue
  • Hello

    I finished my Anushri yesterday then I started the power distribution test and I have some bad results :

    Point 1 before the diode : 5.59V
    Point 2 after the diode : 4.77V
    Point 2 on LM7805 IC14 : 3.17 but becomes very hot after a while
    Point 3 on LM7905 IC21 : 0.22 but doesn’t become hot

    for the rest :

    Cyan : 0.20V
    Purple : 3.13V
    Red : 3.5V
    Green : 0.22V

    I tried with a power supply of 300 mA on 7.5V

    Could you advise ? maybe the first diode on point 1 is wrong or borken ?

  • Your power supply is too weak (under load it delivers 5.59V only), try another one.

    Also, check that you haven’t swapped the two regulators ; and that the LT1054 is inserted in the correct direction when you perform the test.

  • Thank for your quick reply , I’ll check tonight. I guess also I made a mistake with the LT1054 ….

  • Ok it is solved ! I was too quick and mix the LT1054 with another one…hopefully nothing is broken ! ;)-.. thanks again.

  • Big chance the IC you used in stead of the LT1054 is broken. So please remember wich it was, this will save a lot of searching for future problems.

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