LFO leaks to OSC
  • Yesterday tested my fresh anushri, all worked fine.
    Two connected it to a midified juno, (which was sending quite some weird midi data)

    Now I have this problem that the OSC is always getting modulated by the LFO.
    VCO mod is turned to zero (middle), vcf LFO to zero (left)
    Seems like a little bit of LFO info is leaking to the OSC. FM also on zero.

  • Did you try to reset your anushri to factory settings?

  • Are you sure your modulation wheel is on 0? (Or the modulation CC#)

  • Yes mod wheel is on 0.

    I’ve resetted a few times more and te problem is gone now. I only had some more weird behavior, which also went away for now.

    Adsr wasn’t working properly, or not all.
    Lfo was bugging; rate nob was responding but the led wasn’t pulsing.

    Is it possible that I damaged something on the main board maybe, because of an overload of weird buggy midi data that came out of the Juno?

  • Very unlikely!

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