No drums from main out
  • Hi all,
    i’ve finished building my Anushri, the synth is working ok, but the drums are not present on the main output, but i can hear them on the dedicated output jack.
    Any idea on where to start troubleshooting?


  • did you build it from a kit?

  • Yes, built from your kit

  • The Drum signal is routed from the Main board to the control board and back thru a Switching Jack (Drums Out). Assuming you have the right kind of Jack the Signal obviously is not routed back to the Ctrl board right. Check the soldering of the Drums Jack, J7 (Pin 8,10 which route Drum Signals between the 2 Boards) and IC3 (which1/2 is the Audio Mixer).

  • When no jack is plugged in the drums output, one side of R12 should be at ground and the other side contain the drum signals. Could you please check that?

  • Thank you guys, i’ll chek and come back to you asap.

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