US Source for those damn multicomp switches
  • Newark stocks the SPDT: 98K6230
    MCM has the DPDT: 26-2160

  • ahh, verycool. Now to find those pesky 3.5mm jacks!

  • Honestly, I just did the math and MCM and Newark both charge $10 to ship and to have Newark bring the parts in from the UK is a flat $20 fee so it kind of makes more sense to just get all three parts from Farnell..

  • I got an email from Newark for 15% off till April 30th, THANKS1. The email says it can be used as many times until than.

    It also says from May 1st-30th, THANKS2 will work as well for 15% off. I don’t think these will work only for me but I may be wrong.

    Not what you were looking for but it might help when sourcing parts for the next month or so.

  • @qp err Thonk ( for the UK)
    and Synthcube for the US

  • @fitvideo. Those jacks from Synthcube won’t fit on an Anushri. Too tall and the footprint is not the same :(. But, cool site though. Think I’ve seen it before, but, I see they have a parts kit for the Klee. May have to build me that!

  • Ouch, that reminds me – more stuff to get. I had to get in on batch 2 of the super-fancy Euro Klee so I’m running low on excuses.

    I’m not sure if it saves you guys money, otherwise I or someone on this side of the pond could forward the things from Farnell.

  • I looked again and the Klee parts kit is OOS. poop.

    If I build another Anushri, I’ll hit you up! On Newark it’s a $20 freight charge + regular shipping costs just to get them. I priced it out and it’s over $50 just for the 12 jacks!

  • I could sneak some into an order I’ll make, then I’ll just stick the parts in a padded envelope and claim it costs 5USD :D

  • @qp same problem
    my anushri is still without jacks (soldered wire bridges instead critical ones)

  • @qp

    Its flat $20 for shipping, period. That’s it, no additional cost. I build Oakley stuff regularly and always need stuff from there so I am kind of used to it. Its good to buy in bulk when it comes to that too since its a flat rate.

    @Fitvideo have you confirmed those work? I thought those were discussed at one point as not being a suitable replacement

  • sorry about that … I was just getting some kit from Thonk at exactly the same time your post was up, I did not look too closely… mea culpa … the Klee went like hot cakes …

  • @qp I just got belled that the Klee is back in stock

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