Census of successfully assembled kits
  • Post here to brag about your successful build. Photos are welcome!

  • Starting here myself :)

    batch 0: 7 units
    batch 1: 4 units
    batch 2: 6 units
    batch 2.5: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    (All working 100%)
  • Batch 2: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    100% working first Time
  • batch 1: 1 unit

  • Batch 1: 1 unit
  • Batch 1 : one unit which is working great :-)

  • Batch 1: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit working
  • batch 2 – 1 unit

  • Batch 1: 1 unit (with SMR-4 board) working perfectly.

    Also, one CEM3379 filter board which works fine except for the audio in. I broke the audio in by putting the bridge in the wrong place, and ruined the pad when I tried to desolder and move it. Nobody replied to my questions about ways to fix it, so I presume it’s not fixable. I understand the lack of instructions for the more “specialist” boards, and the BOM is enough to build the board, but I think perhaps there should be a brief mention of some of the “gotchas” and things to watch out for could be added to those pages.

  • batch 2 : 1 unit.

    Took about 4-5 hours to build... no major issue.

    Lcd did not work at first... ended up being s cold solder joint on the lcd trimmer ground... now everything works.
  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    Spent about 5h(!) on each board but they worked immeadiately
  • batch 2: 1 unit, (1189)

    no problems, great stuff!
  • batch 1: 1 unit, working great!

  • batch 1 : 1 unit, working fine.

  • Batch 2: 1unit, It sounds great!
  • Batch 1: 2 units CEM3379 and SMR4. They work well. I messed up a digital control board and had to get another. Desoldering is really tricky for the Audio and MIDI Jacks. FYI

    Just ordered a ssm2044.

  • Batch 1: minor issue (my fault), but now it sounds heavyt!
  • Batch 1: 1 unit
  • Batch 2: 1 unit alive

    No problems at all! Finding the right LED colors from my collection takes most of the time ;)

  • batch 1: 1 unit – works perfectly

    batch 2: 2 units – heavily modified but works perfectly.

    SSM2044 filter board: works perfectly with and awesome sound ! (BOM: you’ll need 4 Electrolytic cap, NP/audio grade 3.3u and not “3”)

  • Batch 0: 1 unit

  • Batch 0: 1 Unit
    Batch 2.5: 1 Unit
    Both without real problems.

  • batch 1: 1 unit with cem3379 filter board - working just great.
  • batch 2 (not 3) : 1 unit
    (mistake ^)
    no problem
  • Hi renardo,
    can you send me the specs + schematics to your time machine?

  • batch 2: one excellent working unit!
  • batch 1, 1 unit - works fine!
  • batch 2: 1 unit
  • Batch 2: 1 Unit assembled successfully

  • not sure about my batch... 1 unit working fine!
  • batch 2 : 1 unit perfectly working!!
  • Self sourced, working good now after a couple hick-ups

  • batch 2: boards, LCD & chips (SMR4)
    1 unit working fine!!!
    but no case yet (of course)
    flickr album

  • Batch 2, 1 unit working great with SMR-4 board... SSM2044 waiting for parts order.
  • @tanaisfox, that’s batch -1 or -2 :)

  • batch 1(?): 1, runs well after I realized I: had one ic socket reveresed, and one audio output capacitor backwards. clear plexi with a Canadian maple leaf.
    and 1 shruti in a bamboo wedge

  • batch 3: 1 unit with CEM3379 filter and green PCBs. Soldered a cap of incorrect value.

  • Batch 2 (2 it was, wan’t it?) got 2, built one, works fine, despite my continuous attempts at destroying components… :)
    so for now 1:1 fine

  • Batch 3: 1 unit (SSM2044 filter, red PCBs). Swapped two resistors because I followed the online BOM/image while the circuit has changed a tiny bit.

  • still waiting on a digikey shipment :(

  • Batch 3: 2 unit (SMR4, black PCBs ; CEM3379, black PCBs). Discovered that red LEDs of same color/intensity can look totally different (from bright purple to invisible) behind a 6% reflective blue sheet of acryl. Had to desolder some of them and made a bit of a mess of the board, but it’s fine. Had to swap a resistor on the digital board because customer asked for a super-bright LCD.

  • Batch 2:

    With correct firmware, works 100% with CEM3379 filter (not had a chance with the SRM4 yet)

    ISP programming header did not work initially due to bad 595 (replaced and worked, was getting a resistance between pin 13 a +5 preventing it from programming)

    to also add, building the bootloader and OS on a windows based AVR toolchain checks out (WinAVR)

  • Batch 2 - One shruthi-1 spewing out awesome noises (yup, it works) :D
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/55990592@N05/5188836290/in/set-72157625296725967/ ;)
  • Batch 3: 1 unit (stock configuration – black PCB, blue LCD, green and orange LEDs). For updating the assembly instructions. Had a 100W lamp on top of my head all the time and it really shows how bad I am at soldering.

  • Number 3 alive (but still naked…) !

    Batch 2: Blue PCBs Rev 0.5 + SMR4 Rev 0.5

    This time i managed to not reverse any parts….

  • nice! the display colour too! i hope this foam isn’t too conductive!

  • Yeah, its some kind of yellowish on aquamarine. Maybe ill engrave some fishes onto the case….

    The foam is 100% nonconductive as it absorbed flux smoke for eons. Or longer.

  • Batch 3: 1 unit (SSM2044 board).

  • 1 unit, batch 3 with an SMR4, modded into a custom enclosure with a ColorSynth MIDI->RGB kit:


  • Batch 2: 1 unit, SMR4

    red LCD, yellow and green LEDs.

    I plan on building matching wood enclosures for it, my modded monotron, and my monome. Probably not until after the holidays though.
  • Batch 1: 1 unit, SMR4

    Really nicely produced kit. Assembled as-and-when I could over about three weeks. When I finally got it together to test, it took me about ten minutes to realise I skipped on bridging the audio pads out of indecision. Acquired the acrylic case a month or so later and then dropped the damn thing on its corner onto a wood floor about three days later.

    Two or three panels cracked up, the synth itself totally unimpaired. Now working on a sit-up-and-beg metal enclosure.
  • Actually there are some Cases left in the store…..

  • Batch 2: Full Kit (SMR4 filter)

    Works! Basically built it right with a couple of (what turned out to be minor) issues. About 3 cold solder joints, and a bent leg on an IC. But works. Took 3-4 days, on and off, but my very first synth build so not bad. Went sloooooooowly to avoid mistakes. One whole day was debugging a couple of mistakes.

    Sounds great.

  • Batch 3 Full Kit SMR4, all working I think. The instructions are great, they made it very straighforward.

    Bah, getting an image on here is harder than assembling a Shruthi!
  • @rockmanrock
    Congratulations !!You are the first outside the mutable instruments staff (read: Olivier ;-) ) with the new REV 0.7 Digital Board straight out of the December Batch! I hope it arrived in a good shape (where are you from?)

    Actually putting a picture here is even easier than to assemble a Shruthi, and there are no things you can burn yourself with: just put a ! right around your url, see the Help Link below the Comment Textbox…. no need for <img src=” etc…

  • England here. I've read the Help link now, thanks fcd. No burns on this kit, I have done it before though, it's so easily done!

    Some thoughts on the kit:

    1. Having replaced the pots and switches in some old synths, the snugness of the fit of the ones in this kit might make desoldering them quite tricky when the time comes. Would bigger PCB holes for these parts make sense? The tight fit does mean they are robust though.

    2. In the instructions, the 6 wires to connect the boards could go in 8 pins and I don't think the instructions mentioned which 2 to leave off. I guessed the CV1 and CV2 connections which seems to work.

    3. I've got the trimmers roughly set up but it looks awkward to have to disassemble the Shruthi in future if they need adjustment. Could they be relocated to the edge of the PCB so they could be accessed from holes in the case?

    Overall though I'm very impressed! Thanks for doing this project Olivier!
  • @rockmanrock
    I have one of the very early shruthis (#001) and there is no need for adjustments until now and its not likely that there will be any adjustment in the future. My SixTrak has not seen any adjustment since it was born back in 1984….

  • batch 3: December 2010 (v0.7 for digital and SMR4), all assembled and working without any issues thanks to the really clear documentation. Only near problem i had was with some bent legs on the LM137 IC's which had been crushed in the box, but some gentle bending fixed this. Looking forward to creating some of my own filter boards now. !http://www.slinkydigit.com/photos/shruthi1.jpg!
  • fcd, I'm mainly thinking about the filter self-osc tracking and tuning, quite important for some sounds. I'm thinking about getting some more Shruthis to poly-chain them, so getting the filters right could be messy with 4 naked Shruthis. I've realised though, I could run wires from the boards and put the trimmers somewhere on the case.
  • One idea I had about the trimmers, was to use ones with the adjuster on the side instead of the top.
    Like these..

    That way, a little careful use of a small screwdriver could be used through the side of the synth, without the need for taking most of it apart.
    This may work better on some filter boards than others though. And ultimately, a little repositioning of the trimmers on the PCB might still be required for some boards.

  • Batch3 v.07 now working! some issues still, nothing major.
  • I just finishes a Batch3 v.07. Had a couple problems during construction, but it's working and sounding great. I will post some pics of the enclosure tomorrow.
  • Batch 2 - 1 unit - A few assembly glitches but now works great and is my new favorite synth module. Thanks Olivier for developing and sharing this cool project..and your patience in helping me through the hurdles!
  • Batch 2 - 1 unit (full kit)

    Went surprisingly well - the documentation is excellent, and Personnal Support By Olivier Himself is just outstanding. Thanks!
  • Batch 3 - 1 unit
    Very clear and helpful instructions, took about 3 hours to make and worked on first power up, it sounds great , am going to do a timelapse film of the next one i make.
  • batch: no idea

    1 unit: digi board v0.5, ssm2044 board v0.1 (with ssm chips from olivier)

    my second shruthi, works great, sounds great!
  • Batch 3 v0.7

    perfect !! excluding the 4 days it took me to realize that my power supply had the wrong polarity !

    Sound incredible !
  • Batch 3: 1 unit (with SMR-4 board) v0.7

  • Batch: I don't know... bought in dec 2010, maybe 3?
    Works fine at first time, very good quality kit, very nice instrument.
  • Batch: December 2010

    Great kit, well designed and documented (overall quality == excellent). Sounds absolutely great. It’s a real Mopho killer.


    I used these vulgar dim blue leds to pimp this ride:

  • batch 4(not 3 as I wrote before): my 1st unit ever, playing cool!
    I’m already waiting for the next batch to order the next one!

    greetings from verona, Italy

  • batch 3 (January 2011) : 2 units
    digiboard v0.7
    SMR4 filter board

    working well besides some mistakes I made during soldering......Great sound...the second one being much more easier to build than the first one !
  • Batch december 2010: 2 units with SMR-4 board v0.7

    They are working well and sound great.
  • batch 5: 1 unit. Just to check that the new batch of boards I have received is OK…

  • One unit from the second batch.

    Not assembled until a few days ago due to lack of free time.
  • batch 4: 1 unit with CEM3379 filter board (the last CEM3379 in my drawers…)

  • batch 2: 1 unit with SSM2044 filter board v0.1
    batch 3: 1 unit with SMR4 filter board v0.7
    batch 4: 1 unit with CEM3379 filter board v.05
  • Batch 1: 1 unit, only PCBs, self sourced (almost).

  • Batch 5 : all is working.
  • Batch 5: 1 unit with SMR filter board (kit #1406)
  • Batch 4: Two units with SMR boards.
  • This madness just won’t go away :)~

    Batch 5: two units completed. Next hunting cem3379 chip for a shruthilious future project.


  • Number 1400 of Kit is complete and work perfectly (SMR Filter)


    The sound it's really good, i'm impressed ^^
  • Batch 5: 1 unit. Perfect
  • batch 5: 1 shruthi-1, works excellently!

  • spare bags of parts from batch 5 + “self-sourced”: 1 unit. Orange LEDs and LCD, SMR4 board.

  • Batch 5 1 unit
    3.5 hours for both boards (SMR4) worked first time on power up ...

    Excellent kit and service , many thanks.
  • Batch 5, 1 unit (SMR4).
  • Batch5: 1 Unit
  • Batch 5: 1 unit with smr-4 filter
  • Batch 5: 1 Unit with SMR4 Filter
  • batch 1: cem filter board .3 digi board .5

  • Batch 5: 1 unit, SMR4 board. Works great. Awesome kit. Thanks Oliver!
  • Batch 5: 1 unit, SMR4 board.

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