MI Ambika Metal Cases
  • Ambika metal wood now ready for demonstration.
    The price depends of interest, but it will be bit more then the plexi enclosure.
    No need to fight about volume pot. You say where, I drill it there.
    Instrument on photos has the LCD display front frame, EA 017-4UKE+ placed behind the front. It can be mounted also onto front.
    As standard there will be Contrast filter screen protecting the LCD.
    More photos with Contrast screen next week.

    1mm steel covered with powder paint and screen print. Wood is Oak.

    Tilted version with angeled wood.

    Have some names in list, but let me know if you interested.

  • are you screen printing these yourself?

  • Nope. Done by specialists.

  • Maybe you should consider printing the output labels on the top so you dont need them on the back

  • Put me down for 1 tilted with drilled volume hole!

  • hummm the Tilted version with angeled wood + volume pot, looks really good, i’m interested

  • Tilted version with an angled wood and drilled volume hole, please.

  • Put me down for 1 tilted case with drilled volumne hole. :)

  • Is there any way I could order one without the display cover? I soldered mine on the wrong side of board, like non-direction reading fool

  • @Adrian: I just want to say that I really like the mechanical aspects and quality of your cases. And this one here is a beauty! Especially the design of the screen print. :) I have to admit that I did not like the screen print for the Shruthi cases that much, but it’s nice to see the progress here.

    Not sure if this have been discussed before, but did you consider to publish the source files for the screen print so that someone with good design skills (not me, I’m a noob) could help/improve here? Maybe a competition?

    And please go on, this is good work!!! :)

  • Tilted case with drilled (front) volume hole for me. Second altitude’s suggestion about top-printed labels for the rear jacks. And looks absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • me please! tilted with volume. nice work :)

  • I would like one (tilted and hole for volume pot), please.

  • I’m in: tilted version / no volume pot
    Any chance to get a white version like the Shruthi Metal Case?

  • Dear Andre,
    I agree with Altitude, please add the labels on top.
    Is it possible to make a own screen print design?

  • As these seem to be silkscreened, custom designs would raise the price a lot I guess.

    Great work, Adrian.

  • 1 tilted case with drilled volume hole, please. :)
    Looks stunning!

  • Same here… Tilted case with Volume! Also, received Shruthi case today, looks great! Thanks!

  • I am interested in one tilted case, but without the volume knob at it’s current place.
    I would go for a volume know only if we find a good spot for it, either on the top in one of the corners or on the back, probably below the card slot (which I would prefer).
    And a +1 from me for the “top-printed labels for the rear jacks”.

  • beautiful.
    i like the tilted one the best. looks just great.

  • Not sure if it increases the price or not, but would like nice to have the Mutable logo on the back maybe?

  • I don’t even have an Ambika, but I want one just so I don’t miss out on the chance of this awesome case. Please put me on the list for angled sides and a hole for the volume.

  • Put me down for a tilted one with volume pot drilled. Cheers.

  • Labels on top would be ace. Makes using it easier when plugging stuff together on a desk against the wall

  • Definetely want one (tilted). You can paypal me the invoice at beto_gauer@hotmail.com

    Volume knob in it’s original place for me

  • Aside from the knobs would a standard ambika just pop in?

    Are you planning to produce these for a little while or is this a one off thing?

    I’m not in the market at the moment but I hope to be soon. The plexi case is not really my thing and it’s nice to have a good looking alternative. (It does need labels on the jacks like everyone is saying.)

  • @weNiverse yes you can order without screen cover. But keep that in mind that there is 10mm room between the PCB and top cover.

    @DMM you can buy without screenprint and make design and let it print somewhere.

    @soup I’ll make some little extra. If there is need for this case, then there will be cases.

    There will be I/O like on MidiPal on top.

  • @Adrian,
    Can you share your case drawing so I can give it a try to design a print?

    Greets DMM

  • add me too !

    I also vote for some print for the outputs on the top, and volume buttons on the top right !

    And in greeeeeeeen ! :D

  • +2 for me… Straight ones

  • @Adrian

    Can you include the screen cover with the case? Charge a little extra… It’s just that it’s an extra step having to order at a different place, more shipping, etc…

    Since a lot of people is gonna order, you could buy yourself and bundle with the case


  • keen on a tilted case for sure, with volume pot in original place. I also have an on /off switch on the back so will need a hole there to what will the cost be? and will i just be able to take off the plexi case and then change to the metal one or will modifications be required? would like the i/o labels on the top also.

    Good job btw they looks awesome.

  • agree with logic gate regarding the screen cover if it’s a viable option

  • +1 Tilted case with volume pot at the back below the SD card slot. (power switch option would be nice)

  • 1 Tilted version with volume pot on original position

  • I am wondering if those rather small venting slots are enough, cause an Ambika with six voice cards can get quite hot. I would not mind if they would be a bit larger or if there was another pair of venting holes one the right front/back side.
    +1 for the option of having a power switch on the back.

    btw, did I already mention that those cases look awesome? :-)

  • Dear Adrian,

    Could you make this also and what would be the cost of a custom case?

    Greets DMM

    Ambika DMM.png
    2982 x 1924 - 313K
  • I dont think one off screen prints are going to happen, the setup costs are considerable (My place charges $125 for the screens, $5 to screen each piece)

  • +1 for DMM’s screen print! I only miss the turkey in the Ambika logo.

  • heh. turkey

  • The turkey flew away ;)

    No, problem is I use MS Visio at work and it’s hard to get the PDF files converted.

  • Would be interested in a tilted case.

  • Straight one, volume pot and power switch. Awesome work!

  • I don’t know how hot the ambika gets but I agree with Fr@nk if such thing is true. Rather than me cutting bigger vents at a later date.

  • I had thought about something similar to the OKI78 series DC/DC from Murata.

    Would there be any audio issues? since DC/DC converters create spurs at their oscillation frequency…

  • These new switchers run at frequencies ranging in several hundred kHz, so no. There won’t be any audio issues.

  • I’m interested in 2 cases. would be great if they could have different colours.

  • also is there a rough timeline on when the cases may be avaliable?

  • @Adrian how is the transmission of the light tubes with the standard leds on the Ambika?. The light they give is already a bit on the low side.
    Did anybody try using lower resistors with the leds from the BOM?

  • I say just skip the lightpipes and make the LEDs stick through the case..

  • @shiftr I think that they transmitting the light pretty well.

    @drox mid September.

  • @altitude it will be easier for me but harder for user to mount the LED’s correctly.

  • I’m in as well! Tilted + volume pot in original position

  • +1 altitude

  • I really like the light pipes on the Shruthi case.

  • yo! Lookin good!! I’m in for one flat case with volume pot on the back!

  • One tilted version for me.

  • Have you got an ETA on these?

  • The post above states mid September

  • I’d be looking to buy 1 of these with non-tilted wood sides, volume pot on top when it comes out. Having some options on the silkscreening would be nice (or at least alternative text on each of the buttons if possible).

    Would it also be possible to get a case without the wood sides? Heresy, I know.

  • Cheers. Missed that.

  • @adrian: Any plans to print the in/outputs on the top? I really like what DMM did in his drawing on the first page. :)

  • @flocked I/O will be like on MIDIpal. Followed by MI styleguide.

  • Would also be interested in one without wood sides.

  • I want one too, if the price is within reason. How much do you think it will be (approx)?

    I’d like one with tilted wood cheeks, volume pot in original position and on/off switch on the back.

  • Will it be also possible to order additionally three Shruthi-1 cases? I missed them. :/

  • @Modularmind going to make the calculations this week.

    @flocked you have a PM

  • Count me in for 2 tilted cases with volume pot in its original place and power switch on the back.

    @Adrian : Could you please consider producing colored cases too for this first run ? The shruthi ones are so awesome and good looking !!! Then i’ll be interested in 1 white and 1 blue.

  • Made calculations and the price will be 97EUR.
    Shipping in EU 14EUR outside 18EUR for one piece.

    Going to make the sheet metal order next week and finalize the screen print design.

    Some people wish to have different colors. If you want some special color, then let me know.

  • What are the colour options?

  • Like Shruthi’s but no structural blue. Have to check what other blue painter has.
    Have to visit painter and look what cool colors he has.

  • Oh good! Totally want white

  • a white one in the Sem style will be cool, but i think i will go for a black one…

  • White one for me to!
    Adrian, can you check for me what a custom screen print would cost?

  • looking forward to this case! just ordered myself ambika boards and components in preparation :)

  • Wow, 97EUR is a very reasonable price! I’m definitely in for one.

  • Got mine yesterday and it’s a real beauty! Thanks Adrian!

    2592 x 1936 - 745K
  • @Adrian, what are the outer dimensions of this one?

  • @Adrian how is it mounted in the case? Only with the standoff from the bottom?

  • Black for me.

  • @DMM you have a PM
    @shiftr yes, from bottom. There are holes for standoffs.

  • money waiting just send a pm when ready :)

  • Ohh, these look too good to pass up!
    One tilted case for me please. I’d like it with the volume pot on the back just like Fr@nk and DMM seem to want. Also, I’d be interested in some color option besides black.

  • I’d like one like RyanA4 but with tiltted sides please! (Money ready)

  • They are titled….bad camera work.

  • Had a look at the different case colors in the Shruthi case thread. They all look stunning!

    I’ve decided I want to go with black w/ tilted wood sides. I’ve changed my mind about the position of the volume pot. I’d like to have the hole for it on the back, underneath the SD-card slot (if there is room for a pot there). Also, i’d like a hole for an on/off switch besides the hole for the powerplug. Should I send you a pm with these requests as well, or is it enough to write here?

    Send me a PM when you’re ready and I’ll send you the money right away.


  • @Modularmind no need for PM with this info. I have a list filled with all your wishes.

    Only thing I’m missing from list is PayPal e-mail from you all.
    Please send me PM with PayPal e-mail.
    In Europe SEPA payment is also good.

  • PM’d, as well.

  • And please send info about destination- EU or not EU.

  • EU for me (UK)

  • non EU for me, did you added me ?

  • @Lamouette_rck yes I added you. Tilted or straight cheecks?

  • tilted, with screenprint for the rear connexions, volume pot on the top right, and a hole for a power switch ! :D

  • Will the screenprint for the rear connections be standard? I want it.

    Thanks again Adrain.

  • @Adrian… What sammy123 said!

  • @sammy123 yes

  • @Adrian

    I have sent you an email with my paypal info, haven’t got any reply….

    Gonna shoot you a PM now

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