Shruti : new user - how explain to your wife...
  • Hi all,

    My nick is Dollismine and just want to share my story with …Shruti and my wife (ok, it’s my girlfriend, not my wife, but it’s the same thing when they decide to boring you !!!)

    Ok, let’s go !

    Wife : “Hey, what are you looking on internet ?”

    Me : hum, oh, nothing, nothing….

    - Really ? You look nothing since 2 hours ???

    - you can’t understand baby !

    - ohhhh….you’re too romantic. you’re looking gift for my birthday !!!!

    (Arghhhhh….fucking birthday ! I forgot !!!! I’m so stupid !!! And Now, she comes to see internet with me ! Damned !)
    And now, this is the dramatic period !

    Wife : But…but…What !? WHAT !?

    Me : yeeeeeesss ??? (with a little little little voice)

    - NO !

    - ???

    - NO ! NO ! NO !

    - but ?

    - I said NO ! Not a new synth. Not a new gadget, not a new musical accessory or gadget !!!

    - but…

    - NO !!! You have too many synth ! How is it possible to have more ? What is the interest ? You have already all that is it possible to have !!!

    -....not this one….......................................(ahahahahaha !!!)

    - I don’t understand why you have so much machine and why you still want one ! What ! Interest ! You’re totally crazy or stupid !

    - My god…..(reflexion)....Hum, and how much shoes you have ???? yeah, yeah, say me how much ? What the interest !?
    (oh, I know. The cold war is now activated…...)

    .... silent….long silent….black eyes, perspiration, slaver in teeth….I thin my wife want to kill me one more time… I’m afraid and and pray God !

    Me : hum….my darling….

    Wife : Gridpdjsgpgzlzrkzgiprgkzeg !!!!sdgjiszhjbejbbjg !!!!

    - but look !!!! This synth is tiny, quite cute, with beauuuuuutifull sounds, blablablabla….

    - jhehrgheghegf!!!!iojzfnzogn !!!!

    - and look the name ! Shruti-1 ! So coooooooool !!!!!!!!

    - What ?

    - Shruti-1 !!! With SM4 Filterboard !

    - I hate synth !!!!

    (Ok, SM4 is too hard to understant. Just Shruti-1 is better !!! I’m machiavelous !)

    - Shruti-1…very cool name you know.

    - Yes, pretty name, for sure

    (cool ! I’m on the right way ! Victory will be mine in few minutes !!!!)

    - And, you know, this in an indian spirit, very tantric project (ok, shame on me to use this argument but….)

    - Really ???

    - Yeahhhhhhhhh…. Shruti ! That’s so tantric !!!!!

    - Yes, you’re right…..

    - And, look the price ! Only 149e !!!!! (ok, don’t talk about the enclosure…’s like when you offer a jewerly…you’re wike looks the diamant, not the box !)

    - Hum….very gentle price.

    - For sure ! Maybe in few years I will pay 300 or 400 for the same !!!! (I’m a bastard….ok, I know ! Don’t blame me ^^)


    - oh shit !

    - What ?

    - only 1 piece available….the last one…......

    - Buy my baby, buy !!!

    - Youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!

    Ok guys, this is my story. So please, if you want help me to be alive after the 22 of September 2013, remeber me her birthday !!!
    (it’s a joke….gift for her already ordered !)

    I’m Dollismine, and now, a new Shruti-1 user.

  • Hi Dollismine, and welcome to the (odd) club of like-minded individuals


  • great survival strategy :)
    btw fcd72 can also custom engrave her name or a cute heart with I love you in it if you have reason to assume that’s what she likes for her birthday. there are so many filters you know….

  • @Dollismine how are you going to explain your second and third shruthis? you know this is going to happen…

  • .oO(Should i tell him about the 1 Synth per Shoe Deal????)

  • Haha,

    Great story! The other half did never fully believe the “I just borrowed this from a friend” talk I usually gave, hoping that the storm would blow over.

    I stopped pretending, it works better with lies™

    Oh, and welcome to Shruthiversum!

  • Thanks all !

    Just finished yesterday my Shruti. It was my 1st DIY project.
    All seems to be OK (just forgot to make bridge on In and Out for audio…no sound when I tested ! But after checking and checking documentation, it was solved !)

    Now it’s time to explore the Shruti.

    Hope my second project will be an Ambika with 6 voicecards (no selected for the moment).
    But it’s more complex than a Shruti. I’m a 100% newbie with electronics components.
    Maybe later….

    For the moment, I would like to add a volume knob. I think, for my use, it’s the 1st thing to do !
    Is there a tutorial here ? (I don’t find where…)

    Thanks ;-)

  • Welcome Dollismine!

    I find that when dealign with intra-marital shopping conflicts, it is wise (but not always easy to do) to have perfect timing.

    One has to buy right after the significant other has arrived home with a bag of clothes/shoes. That way, the effect is negligible.

    Of course, if one has the upper hand on the ammount of synths/gear purchased, this is very hard to achieve, but in that case, you can save the “big” and particularly hard to explain purchases for these occasions!

  • @Dollismine – very useful page here:

  • If you need to explain why your are bringing odd, large chunks of metal and plastic home and locking them up with yourself for hours/days at a time… she might not be the one.

    Or maybe I just have a problem. I did buy one without even knowing what it was – or even who made it. That is when I knew I hit rock bottom.
    Hello, I am Audio Hoarder and I accrue an excessive amount of electronic sound devices.

    Welcome to the hoard. :)

  • @Audiohoarder
    Wanna join our Anonymus GearAholics™ Support Group?

  • Sure, is there free alcohol at the meetings? The support groups around her a lame, you can’t even bring your own.

  • 3 Drinks Minimum…...

  • @Audiohoarder : Ahaha, no my girlfriend is not terrific anf I think this is the one !
    My presentation was a funny joke ;-)

    @Tribo, thanks for the ling but not seen the step to place a volume knob.
    I think it’s easy to do, but when you start with electronics parts, it’s a very difficult mission !
    Before Shruti, I’d never made one weld in my life !!!

  • it’s easy. just chek where you put it, drill a hole and install the pot. then connect the left lug when looking from the top to the first pad (the two pads you jumpered) and the middle lug to the middle pad. that’s about it.

  • @Dollismine: I was also making a joke. :)
    You’ll have to let us know if she likes her present.

  • I’m alive !!! :-))))

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