Google login required to access BOMs?
  • Hi, I just noticed that I have to login into my google account to be able to see the BOMs – has this changed recently? I don’t want google to know which documents I access – what can I do?

  • you don’t need to login to access the bom’s. maybe it’s a google cookie that recognizes you? are you using googles services otherwise? maybe you could try to delete all cookies and try again..

  • Yes it might be the cookie – it’s the first time I get to see this page, and I cannot skip it :-/.

  • Yeah, I found a similar thing with a google spreadsheet i was embedding. It only shows up if it finds your google cookie.

  • I suggest some reading about browser fingerprinting techniques. Google knows what you do anyway, unless you take other measures to protect yourself…
    I would much prefer the BOMs to be hosted at again…

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