2013 Poll
  • When the year goes towards it’s end you see polls popping up everywhere…
    Now i know that we don’t need that on the forum for some marketing bullshit but nevertheless it would be nice to see what you guys enjoyed in 2013 (though things doesn’t need necessarily be up to date).
    Here we go:

    1. What was your favorite Mutable Instrument in 2013?
    2. What was the best MI user-build/modification you discovered in 2013?
    3. What other (Non-MI) instrument or DIY-project (or both) did you enjoy in 2013?
    4. What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned through MI builds or the forum or… in 2013?

    To hold this lucid, please only ONE! answer per question.
    Happy voting!

    PS: If i’ve forgotten some important questions, let me know and i’ll add them.

  • 1. Still the shruthi
    2. Shruthi XT by fcd72
    3. Sonic-Potions LXR drumsynth
    4. Quadruple-check IC’s before soldering

  • 1. Braids
    2. nicoos Braids
    3. LXR / Prophet VS
    4. How to use an OpAmp

  • 1. Released: Braids (but to me, Braids is a 2012 product…). Non-released: you’ll see in 2014 :D
    2. Nicoo’s Braids with Nixies.
    3. Arturia *brute, some Makenoise modules, and rediscovered the ESQ-1
    4. Write detailed instructions, sell kits with all parts included, because undocumented builds and sourcing/substitution questions are what’s causing the most support worries at the moment :)

  • @pichenettes is non-released euro-rack- or desktop-format or both? ;P

  • No answer, let’s keep this topic clean!

  • 1.Shruthi Yellow Magic
    2.Shruthi XT gen I by fcd72
    4.Patience pays!

  • 1. Anushri
    2. None
    3. LXR Drum
    4. Don’t hold the soldering iron from wrong side and everybody needs a smoke extractor

  • 1. Ambika
    2. TubeOhm Ladder filter for Ambika and Shruthi
    3. MidiAlf
    4. Water soluble rosin core solder & designing cases/panels in AI

  • 1. Ambika
    2. Not stacking the Shruthi boards, but putting them next to each other, both looking pretty :) also aids modding.
    3. Arturia Minibrute and a few Frequency Central and Hexinverter eurorack modules
    4. To be patient and actually enjoy the soldering + case building, instead of just rushing it.

  • 1. Shruthi
    2. Nicoo’s Braids
    3. Tanzbär
    4. Having fun making music again

  • 1.Anushri Metal eurorack panel, it is very beatiful, and it made me finally tune my anushri & put it permanently in the eurocrack-rack.
    2.Tie between TubeOhm filter & Nixie Braids.
    3.I’d like a LXR.. Quite a lot.. Same with the PreenFM 2
    4.To not put your soldering iron on the same circuit as your music gear, since this will cause it to melt trough several cables when you turn your gear on, with the soldering iron just laying on the table(Which you forgot about, right up until the smell reminded you..).. I am not a smart man.. :(

  • 1. Shruthi 1 ladder by TubeOhm
    2. Shruthi 1 XT ladder
    3. LXR
    4. buy another ADDA and make music, goddamn !!!

  • 1. Shruti Kit
    2. Ladder Filter for Shruti
    3. MidiALF
    4. There are so many things to discover when you try to source parts on your own.

  • 1. Ambika, but i wish i could try some eurorack modules…
    2. Nicoo’s Braids
    3. 2k13 was insane… ms20 mini, micro/mini-brute, volcas, LXR, midialf, TTSH, prophet 12… do we really have to chose?
    4. Crowdfunding is not so great. Harrassing your friends while collecting money is a nightmare ; You’re always tempted to release material too early to help the funding, which is a rather bad idea ; Release dates are not always timed well and put a lot of stress upon you. On the other hand, seeing the support of people around is very comforting. And it helps you making it concrete when evaluating how much you need. But in the future, I’m really going to avoid crowdfunding when possible.

  • 1. Ambika
    2. TubeOhm Ladder filter
    3. Nord Modular (though not very recent ;) ) I used to dream about it years ago but back then I found it too expensive. Now I got one for free since it needed some small repair work. I’m Really enjoying it and fixing it yourself makes it even more satisfying.
    4. While building the Ambika I learned a lot about its logic which has been invaluable.

  • 1. Braids
    2. Nico’s Braids
    3. Arturia Brutes
    4. The answer to the question: “3U or 6U?” is “12U, for starters”

  • 1. TubeOhm ladder filter Shruthi
    2. Realising how easy it is to tweak various tables and parameters after reading the source code on GitHub
    3. Refurbishing my Digisound-80 modular, rescued from a damp shed where it had languished since about 1982.
    4. After being gobsmacked by the nicoo 5U Braids build, realising that the MI Eurorack modules are also completely open-source and amenable to DIY implementations and tinkering as well.

  • 1: Braids
    2: Shruthi Ladder, Ambika Ladder, Nicoo’s Braids, Adrian’s cases
    3: Lots!
    4: Nixies never went out of style!

  • 1. Ambika
    2. TubeOhm ladder filter for Shruthi, Nico’s Braids
    3. LXR, Ekdahl Moisturizer, Spectral Audio Neptune 2 (re-bought)
    4. Expect awesome builds from MI users

  • 1: Ambika (My Braids awaits a completed case-so for 2014!)

    2: I want ladder filters…..but the thing I actually have and love Adrian’s Ambika case!

    3. VS. P12. Microbrute. Cirklon. Octa…..that’s enough listing…..painful….

    4. I’ve learned so much from all of you that it’s hard to list one thing. Let’s just say I learned that I have a lot to learn and look forward to getting deeper into builds and the like next year.

  • 1. MI modules. The reason I am finally getting into eurorack.
    2. Nicoos Nixies, Adrian’s metal cases.
    3. LXR
    4. Everything. One year ago I had never soldered and now I have some fantastic instruments that I built.

  • 1. Definately the Anushri. I love it.
    2. Probably the Shruthi XT. It is an amazing expansion and a very simple build. Thanks Frank and Olivier. I am looking forward to the new XT.
    3. The MidiAlf is my favorite.
    4. This is tough, but probably to step away from the project for a bit when having problems. Usually it is a simple fix. Working angry is never good. I am lucky I didn’t destroy my MidiAlf pcb.

  • 1. Grids
    2. gphg’s MIDrum (although I haven’t tested Olivier’s MIDIPal 1.3 yet)
    3. Got an Alesis MMT8, inspired by kvitek and I love it! Also, Flame Echometer. New old stuff are cool!
    4. Synthesizer-related communities can bring out the best in people. Got that from Muffs but MI is still small and cozy.

  • 1. Shruthi smr4 II
    2. the input fm mods for the Shruthi
    3. none
    4. learn and enjoy doing electrnics and be very carefull at what I done

  • 1. Braids
    2. Adrians metal cases for ambika and shruthi
    3. Sonic Potions LXR
    4. there are ordinary forums and there are extraordinary great forums like this here!

  • 1. I have a feeling the midnight edition will take the cake when I complete it!
    2. Anushri Eurorack kit?
    D. Bass Station II has been tons of fun & MicroDEC was a quick build and is a cool fx unit.
    4. As stated above – take your time and enjoy the build process.

  • 1. Ambika SMR4 II x 6
    2.Tubeohm Ladder filter and adrian’s metal cases
    3. Sonic Potions LXR
    4. Stop collecting and do some music…

  • 1. Shruthi – all versions
    2. The Tube Braids
    3. rolfdegen’s Wave-1
    4. Trust is good, but Paypal buyer protection is better.

  • 1. Shruthi
    2. Ladder Filter
    3. ?
    4. A lot of ideas for my Synth Project

  • 1. Anushri
    2. Tube Ohm Ladder filter for Shruthi
    3. MidiAlf/Sonic Potions LXR – tie
    4. Creativity is infectious

  • 1. Braids
    2. SDE
    3. MFOS Soundlab MKII
    4. Dive in face first and figure that Eagle thing out! Never would have started designing circuits if it wasn’t for this place.

  • 1. Shruthi
    2. 3rd party filters from TubeOhm
    3. MIDIAlf and LXR
    4. I need more time.

  • 1. Ambika
    2. Adrian case and Filters board by TubeOhm (please, a polivoks or MS-20 dual filter for Ambika)
    3. Yocto Kit (http://www.e-licktronic.com/en/27-yocto-complet-kit-tr-808-clone-tr808.html)
    4. My english is really bad ^^

  • 1: PVK shruthi
    2: Nixie braids
    3:Waldorf MW XT ( damn you FCD!)
    4: Buy a professional soldering station!

  • 1. Anushri, what a great sounding beast !
    2. Nico’s Braid, how sexy is that ???
    3. Sonic Potion’s LXR of course, great tool, fun as, open… great spirit !
    4. “Go modular, go !”

  • 1. Shruthi-1 Polivoks
    2. Adrian case and Shruthi XT (soon…)
    3. Arturia Microbrute
    4. Discover the Shruthi-1!

  • 1. Anushri
    2. Tubeohm Ladder filter
    3. midihub++
    4. Going modular is dangerous

  • 1. Shruthi Midnight double filter
    2. Shruthi XT
    3. LL113 ( http://bricosique.blogspot.fr ) and Yocto ( http://www.e-licktronic.com/fr/ )
    4. My English is really bad, Olivier is a genius….

  • 1. Braids
    2. Ladder filter for Ambika and Shruthi from André@TubeOhm
    3. MFOS Soundlab MKII, TTSH, TR8060, LXR, MN3008+IR3109 based builds
    4. Transistor matching, etching+masking own PCB with laser-print or silk-screens, learned (again after 16 years) using Eagle and half dozen old synths repaired in 2013 :-)

    Sorry about 4.: more than 1 most important thing º_º

  • 1- Ambika
    2- Adrian cases and Anushri frontplate
    3- Befaco, DIY Modular Synth Workshops
    4- Learning a lot, and expecting to learn more next year.

  • 1. Ambika
    2. Adrian’s cases
    3. Novation Bass Station 2
    4. sourcing parts, soldering, patience, importance of actually making music

  • 1. Shruthi. Because when I heard about “MI” on the LXR-forum I found this wonderful place.
    2. There are so many great things to discover here, I can’t decide.
    3. LXR – because without it I wouldn’t know what a “Shruthi” was. And the LXR is a fabulous thing. The sequencer is so damn good and the synths sound awesome. I love drum machines. Plus I liked the Turing-Machine + Expanders. Now that I can finally use them I want a second set.
    4. Nice people are nice. And DIY is very addictive. But: be patient. It’s just been 6 months now, but its been a great six months. And that I need to get a better Multimeter and a decent soldering station.

  • 1. Braids (or Midnight Shruthi)
    2. Ladder filter board
    3. Bass Station II & Spark LE
    4. MI changed the way I program in C/C++ (it’s different than C#/ASP.NET I use during my day job).
    Moreover, I stole Anushri envelopes and incorporated them into my synth :P

  • 1. Braids
    2. Ladder filter
    3. LXR
    4. When circuit bending: its fun to just connect any two pins, but its more satisfiying and gives better results to read the service manual first / use a scope / think about what you are doing.

  • 1. Braids
    2. nicoos Braids
    3. My Tanzbär.
    4. Don’t solder smd. Don’t solder smd. Don’t solder smd.

  • 1.Ambika
    2.TubeOhm ladder cards and design of custom frontpanel on Adrians very nice metal case
    4.The Optrex display needs a current limiting resistor (learned the hard way :)

  • 1. Ambika
    2. TubeOhm ladder card for Ambika
    3. TTSH (even though it’s waaaay out of my league in terms of DIY)
    4. Have fun

  • 1. Ambika
    2. Ladder Filter
    3. LXR
    4. Measure twice, everything nice

  • 1. Braids. No question.
    2. Adrian’s cases!
    3. Jupiter Storm, LXR
    4. That most people doing kits out there should learn a lesson or two from Mutable Instruments. That’s the industry standard right now.

  • 1. Grids (or Tides)
    2. Shruthi XT 4PM with fresnel lens
    3. René Schmitz CMOS VCO, made a double VCO with this design
    4. TL072

  • 1. Braids. Shruthi as the gateway.
    2. I am quite happy with my joystick’d Shruthi as a personal discovery; nicoo’s Braids and Adrian’s cases for beauty
    3. MidiALF/CV and MicroBrute are tied, can’t decide!
    4. I should have pulled the borrowed folding table from the basement and taken up my friend on his offer to borrow a mixer so I could set up a dedicated recording station sooner.

  • 1. Ambika
    2. TubeOhm Ladder Filter for Shruthi
    3. Ableton, nanoKEY2, nanoKONTROL2, Monotribe
    4. Adding more synth voices to my setup helped in solving a variety of musical problems. Enabled MIDIpal Dispatch>Polyphonic mode with four monophonic modular desktop synths in 2013.

  • 1. Shruthi-1 (ok, I would have preferred a polyphonic synth, but it was my very 1st DIY project)
    2. LFO sine wave added —> see here . A truly great feature!
    3. Still my Yamaha EX5
    4. That I can successfully achieve a DIY project

  • 1. What was your favorite Mutable Instrument in 2013?
    Shruthi-1 (SMR4 mkII, YM, 4PM, Polyvoks) & Anushri

    2. What was the best MI user-build/modification you discovered in 2013?
    Shruthi XT by fcd72 = Little Dieter by fcd72 = MIDIBud by kvitekp. All 3 are great !

    3. What other (Non-MI) instrument or DIY-project (or both) did you enjoy in 2013?
    DIY : Sonic Potions LXR, CasperElectronics NovaDrone Dual, kvitekp’s MIDIBud & Jack-o-mix, fcd72’s Little Dieter & a bunch of modules from Hexinverter.
    Not DIY : Korg Monotron Delay & Monotribe & miniKP2, Elektron Analog Four & Octatrack, Teenage Engineering OP-1, DigiTech TimeBender.

    4. What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned through MI builds or the forum or… in 2013?
    Making electronic music, learning about substractive synthesis, sourcing and building Shruthi’s, starting modular synthesis, meeting you guys in the Shruthiverse TM :)

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