Building a monorocket inspired eurorack case
  • Hi,

    I’m currently in the process of building two portable eurorack case inspired by monorocket cases. I thought you might be interested in some details.

    I got inspired by this muffwiggler thread.

    The cases will be 126hp * 9u. Enough for the start… :D The dimensions are: 67cm width x 42,3cm height x 14,4cm depth (including top cover) + a few millimeters for the tolex cover.

    I’m using 12mm birch plywood (Multiplex). This should give enough stability. I will glue the pieces together and use Lamello biscuits for additional stability.

    I thought a long time about the maximal depth for modules. I wanted something skiff-y, but with room for some deeper modules. I ended up with 7cm.
    If you take a look at the first picture, you can see that I have enough depth on the left and right side of the case. Here I can place some deeper modules like my rs-95e (6,5cm). I looked at all my favorite modules and no module is deeper than 7 cm. Even 95% of all doepfer modules aren’t deeper. 7 cm is perfect.

    Thanks to the super thin mutable instruments modules (only 1 pcb on the backside) I even had room for adding a huge spring reverb (type 9) for my music thing diy reverb module. :)) (picture 2)

    The depths for modules:
    7 cm on the left and right side
    5 cm above the buses
    3,5cm above the power supply
    3 cm above the spring reverb

    I’m using a meanwell power supply, which provides 12+, 12- and 5v. Perfect. Thanks fcd72 for the awesome tip. Also thanks for your great bus boards I’m using.

    At the end I will place some tolex around the wood. I got it from Tube-town. They have great selection of tolex. I took a make noise style tolex and a red wine tolex

    I will update you about my progress. If you have some questions, I’m happy to help :)

  • Very nice!

    Good work.

  • Nice BusBoards!

  • You make this stuff look way too easy!

  • Not sure about that, but I may also include 2 usb connectors (via 5v) to connect usb speakers, op1, lamps or other stuff. – Or I will built 2 speakers inside. :) Tomorrow I will start with the gluing.

  • Build them inside!

    I won’t allow USB in that case!

  • Looks great so far. Where did you get the rails and mounts?

  • Take a look at the last picture ;)

    I got them from Clicks & clocks. Great guy in Germany who sells eurocase diy stuff.

  • How much did you pay per 84TE, including nuts, and the threaded strip, buying from clicks & clocks?

  • I want to replace my happy ending kits. I think a Ikea Rast is like 92hp. So far Erthenvar is the best solution, but I don’t want m2.5 holes in my strips.

  • Still looking for a North American shop to get rails at….great case though! I love the idea of built in speakers.

  • @V`cent: I’m not sure if he wants his prices online. He provides a price list, if you ask him via email.

  • Very nice. I would love to build my own case because the IKEA Rast is already filled up … But I need to find a space to do the woodwork first – will be no good trying to do it in a small living-room. I also thought about getting some of the Meanwells 5V-juice out into some USB-sockets to charge the iPad or the OP1. Would also be great to power the upcoming Beatstep? So this is what I got. Quite cheap but useable.
    Good luck with the tolex!

  • very nice. make sure you get the water based tolex glue from tube town too. awesome stuff.

  • clicks&clocks is a great find! thanks for linking that.
    unfortunately the dude is low on stock, but he will get more stuff soon.
    i think i am going with that for my next case.
    its not realy more expensive than ikea rast + rackrails + baugruppenträger and woodworking is fun anyway.

  • You can find vector rails from Digikey! And Newark, I believe. I have posted a link somewhere else on this forum or Muffs, forget where.

    Here are the Newark links, try searching using the mfr part numbers:

  • Thanks for that! I knew that they would be available through someone like newark, but unsure of what 19” eurorack rails would be called (in real life) :)

  • A small update: I glued all the parts together and brought them to a carpenter for rounding all the edges. He worked very inaccurate and caused more work than fun… Anyway…At least he only took 25 Euro for rounding 2 cases.

    I still need to sand the wood a tiny bit better so that the two case parts join more precisely. Next I will glue the tolex and add all the hardware (bus boards, power supply, handle, rail…) Hopefully I will have everything finished this week. ;)

    A small list of what you need to do to built a case:
    1. Cut the wood to the right sizes.
    2. Glue them together.
    3. Round all the edges.
    4. Sand all the imperfections.
    5. Color the inside black (I did this to early…)
    6. Glue the tolex (still not sure how to do it best)
    7. Add all the outside hardware (edges, handle, twists…)
    8. Add all the inside hardware (bus boards, power supply, spring reverb)


    Does anyone know anything about such legs? I can’t find them on google… But I’m also not sure about the search term :D I would love to add them to my case. I contacted the case makers, but unfortunately they didn’t answer.

  • They look a bit like guitar whammy bars.

  • Thanks. Yes, you are right, they look like whammy bars. However all the whammy bars are unusable for my case as they have right angles. :/

  • I thought of that afterwards, sorry.

  • Looks a lot like custom stands, unlikely you can buy exactly such off-the-shelf. But a screw socket to attach it to the case should be no problem to find. Then it should be possible to take any metal rod and use a thread cutter, and afterwards bend it slightly. The case looks promising, good luck!

  • Stupid idea maybe but I bet there are Meccano parts that would work.

  • And here it is <3

    Applying the tolex was much harder than I thought. However after some time we have got the knack. :) The hardest part are the edges on the front. You need to be really carefully so that they join nicely. The first edge we tried is a bit ugly (top right), however we can may fix it later with some additional tolex.

    We used SG5 tolex glue, which gave use an hour of applying the tolex. A lot of time!

    The depth for modules isn’t 7 cm like planned, it’s 6,6. I forgot to subtract the depth for rails, etc…

    The spring reverb and power supply are fitting awesomely well. There is maybe 0,2-0,3cm headroom between rails and the parts. :)

    I’m super happy about the 7 cm I chose. The whole case is half as thick as monorocket cases and I can still insert deep modules + spring reverb (type 9, the longest) and power supply. It’s also lighter. Less wood, less weight.

    The power supply is working great. Monorocket is using two (one for 12+ and one for -12), I’m using one that provides 12+, -12 and 5. It’s awesome and it saves 500 Gramm weight :)

    The case + inserted modules weights 15 kg. A lot… The heaviest part is the wood (estimated 9-11kg…). I could chose 9mm plywood, but 12mm gives it a bit more stability. – apropos stability: It’s stable like hell. :)

    I still need to add some legs to it. The ones I bought are too small.

    I’m very proud about this case. It’s awesome <3

    There are some missing modules. Braids, Pressure Points, CP3 Mixer, Optomix (I only have two real vcas right now o0), R-54, Plague Bearer and Turing Machine :) I will get them soon.

  • Absolutely lovely!

  • Damn, spot on! I see you went with the MN color. Couldn’t find that pink huh :)

  • Wow. Really great job.

  • Dude – your case looks top notch! It’s inspiring me to DIY a case just like it. I’m probably going to go 6U x 84hp though. (I know, I know…) I have my mean well, I have some Frank busboards, now I just need the case… and the time to get this project done!

  • Looks fantastic!

  • Thanks for your comments :)

    @cold_fashioned Calculate at least 2-3 days of working time. It took longer than I thought. :)

    Infographic of depth for modules:

    120hp x 30mm because of Power supply and spring reverb
    106hp x 50mm because of Bus Board
    152hp x 65mm because nothing underneath :)

  • Ossom! or “päris hea” like I like to say in estonian.

  • @flocked: Awesome job with the tolex! Thanks for sharing this.

    THIS just makes me want to build my own case so much more. Its beautiful! I’m thinking of 2x104HP, going to ask Stefan for the rails.

  • @janniz: Thanks :)

    6u x104hp is great :) I think also about building a smaller case for some more portability. But more likely 7u x104hp so that I can add the upcoming make noise 1u cv bus. It gives you line in amplifier, multiples and stereo/headphone out.

    Btw: I just realized that the displays of yarns and braids are causing noise inside the spring reverbs. Even when they are placed at the bottom row. Strangely Yarns display causes much more noise than braids… um :/ :D

  • woah! impressive design man! how do you like the 126 hp rails? I’m planning to buoild a DIY case myself but I can’t decide if go 104 or 126 hp.

  • 126 hp is moar

    I think that eventually you will use that extra space

  • the case looks really great! One question: Do you think the Meanwell is sufficient for 128hp and 9U? Any problems so far? The 5V part should be more than enough, but on the -12V the Meanwell seems a bit lacking for such a large case.
    And did you wire the Meanwell straight to the busboard? Some people here have also suggested to use some capacitors between the power supply and the busboard.

  • No caps needed and in doubt use 2 Meanwells for separate BusBoards (please don’t wire them together !!!)

  • Don’t wire two busboards to one Meanwell, or don’t wire two Meanwells to each other (and to one or more busboards)?

  • Don’t connect the output of two Meanwells together I presume. If one fails then the other would be toast as well.

  • Do not ever connect the outputs of 2 Switching Power supplies together. A good one, like the Meanwell, should shut down immediately a bad one dies….
    If you need more Juice use different lines ob BusBoards and just connect GND together.

  • Shared ground stops any ground difference and resulting hum?

  • Hopefully yes ;-)

  • Amazing work – I salute you. I am about to embark on a big project finally – this thread was the final kick/inspiration. One question – where did you get the “finishing touches” for the case ? (the protective edges/handle and most importantly the hinge which allows neat separation.


  • I’d be looking for the same kind of information, You can find most of what you need over amazon (sold by reliable hardware too) but it’s even more expensive to ship here in EU…
    I’d really like to find thoses items for a decent price…

  • I bought them from reliable hardware. Yes shipping and taxes are expensive, but they are the same parts as used for the original monorocket cases.

  • Those legs are from 4ms company, I really like case design!

  • Is anyone interested in such a case? 126hp x 3.

    I still have material left and thought about building another one. I don’t need a second case and need money to buy some more MI modules .)

    What do you think is a fair price?
  • I am! I honestly wouldn’t know how to price that.

  • Impressive!

  • Oh and by the way, I received a mail from reliable hardware, announcing their new partnership with Amazon. Haven’t check yet but the shipping cost might be lower that way.

  • Hi flocked

    Could you let me know where i can find the black hardware you used? Corners, angles, hignes, etc? I found them in USA but i’m looking for a supplier in EU.


  • Banzai has this kind of hardware.
    TME has hinges, feet and handles.

  • I bought them in USA and shipped them to EU. But i can’t remember the website.

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