Shruthi-1 printable case
  • Hi everybody
    Recently I have purchased this great synth and designed a printable case for it. Here are some pictures of my prints and a link to the thingiverse page where I posted the project. Needless to say you can print it in whatever colors you choose.
    Thank you and happy printing and playing with this super synth.

    _DSC0358 copy.jpg
    1500 x 997 - 113K
    _DSC0367 copy.jpg
    1500 x 997 - 102K
    _DSC0363 copy.jpg
    1500 x 997 - 127K
    _DSC0355 copy.jpg
    1500 x 997 - 188K
  • Cool design. 14 hours to print must be a long time, plus hoping that it doesn’t have a fault.

  • This is surely the Olivetti (pun intended) case for the Shruthi designed by Ettore Sottsass himself?

  • Thanks. 14 hours aren’t that much in 3d printing geek terms, the two big parts took around 4-5 hours each. I spent a lot more time on stuff a lot less useful. The printing speed may also vary a lot depending on the printer model and resolution. If you like the design you can send the files to a printing service and skip the whole hassle.

  • That really is cool! I’m trying to convince myself to get a 3d printer.

  • Ha ha BennenlongBicyclist, you nailed it more than you intended.

  • @builder2000: So your design is channelling Sottsass? Could you print a Eurorack case inspired by this famous design of his?

  • @BennelongBicyclist, I ment your pun nailed it in a different way, not regarding the design but rather myself…since I’m an architect too, but not quite like Ettore Sottsass and I’m Romanian, also Latin like Sottsass but not Italian, I thought the vague similarities were pretty funny given the differences. As for the design I didn’t channel Sottsass, I thought since ABS has vivid colors, something in the plasticky with vivid colors way of the 90’s would work, in the lines of the E-mu Command Station but purple was out of the question and orange looked better to me than yellow. Regarding your request, I think it’s doable….I see a lot of racks and half racks there, some displays will be hard to read but what the heck, that’s why midi was invented.

  • lovely case !

  • @builder2000
    love that case. would fit perfect next to my lego chronome .-)
    14hours print doesn´t sound cheap, when you´re not owning a 3d printer. Rough idea about the cost? Btw. Did you design a printable case for a Ambika as well?

  • not having access to a 3d printer… anyone have one of these cases for sale?

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