MI Stickers
  • Bought something from a dealer in the UK and got a Mutable Instruments sticker with my order.

    Are these a new thing?

  • I got this one with my Snowflake Braids…

    2688 x 1520 - 522K
  • Nice. I look forward to decorating dull spaces with them :)

    Small stickers of the modules would be fun. Maybe fridge magnets hehe.

  • > Maybe fridge magnets hehe.

    YES! I think i really must make all my modules as little fridge magnets … would look great! The fridge is the new ModularGrid!

  • Yes, modules come with stickers.

  • Possible to purchase?

  • Add a note and I’ll throw some with your next order!

  • This sticker wasn’t with a MI module though. It was loose in the package.

  • Must say, I’ve bought 4 modules and haven’t seen this sticker yet. It’s tops!

  • In the beginning the stickers were not put in the module boxes, but shipped in bulk to dealers with no instructions as to what they should do with them. This might explain why qp didn’t get one, and why 6581 got it with an unrelated order.

  • >> Add a note and I’ll throw some with your next order!

    :) thanks Olivier! Another reason to order more MI!

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