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  • Is it me or was there some server issue there for quite a while. Looked like some sort of DNS issue. Came home from work ready to make some progress on my ambika and couldn’t load the build pages.

    Gave up after multiple tries, and I even tried to install a google chrome extension to load cached pages (didn’t work), then a bit later used “the internet way back machine” to load the pages. Although the last capture on this was a bit old and I remember that Oliver had made some changes to those pages based on some errors posted on the forum. But in any case while that did end up solving the more immediate issue got me thinking
    maybe some sort of offline version of the build docs might be good? Or maybe just an alternate location either github or wiki or even a link to files hosted via a tweet?

    Couple of ways to do this. One would be to add a prominent download as pdf option with the build docs, there is a way to do this where it uses the actual page content so no need to update two separate things.

    Alternatively a slightly more ghetto way would be just a regular print page button, with maybe some text that explains how you can set the “printer” to be a pdf.

    Just some thoughts. Might not really be a big enough of an issue to do anything about, although maybe worth some thoughts if something more catastrophic where to happened regarding site content, or ability to fix issue due to time zone ( Oliver’s gotta sleep sometime, I guess. : ) )

  • If I had a time budget to fix this, I’d just migrate to another server and provider to make the problems go away :)

    Right now I’m sick, late on schedule, so I’m afraid I won’t take care of this.

  • @djversus01: If you are worried then there is nothing stopping you from doing something about it. All (or most) of the MI site contents is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so you are at liberty to make copies and make them available under the same terms, as long as it is clearly attributed to MI and Olivier.

  • @pichenettes

    Oh no! Stay healthy!

    I was more thinking out loud, didn’t expect you to address it or anything. Just suggestions for the future maybe. If I get a chance I can make “print” pdfs, put them somewhere and post a link.

  • @BennelongBicyclist

    Yes, thank you. I should have been more clear. I was more posting some thoughts / suggestions on an experience that just happened for posterity / thinking outloud. Figured the “feedback” subforum would have been innocuous enough to do so. Didn’t mean it as a “make these change now!” kind of a thing. Sorry. Again was thinking about possible solutions that would work for any user, in the future, not just me. Say next time there is a major site update.

    Also as I said above, I was thinking of making copies available, I’d imagine if I did do a print pdf of the actual pages it has the attribution at the bottom?

    Its not so much about me being worried as suggesting solutions for this kind of a site, that is both a showcase of product and information resource. (I make website for a living so hard not to do automatically)

  • > I’d imagine if I did do a print pdf of the actual pages it has the attribution at the bottom?

    No problem if you do that or create your own site / blogs with MI PDF. Might help cut the “where’s the manual PDF” topics.

    Anybody has experience with OVH’s shared hosting offer? No longer want to wear a sysadmin hat. I’m terrible at that job.

  • Oh this (not the forum, the main site) is wordpress site! Might be worth looking into wpengine, managed hosting for wordpress sites. Or something like that, as these types of setups are optimized, better backups, and good support, although you do pay a little bit more for it, but less headache. We build lots of sites on wordpress and got tired of dealing with sysadmin stuff as well.

  • @pichenettes: sorry to hear you’re sick. hope you get well soon!

  • I’d rather have a solution which can manage both the wordpress site + the forum (vanilla).

  • @pichenettes

    ah good point. I’ll poke around and let you know if I find anything. (also european based, would probably make sense, yea?)

  • i hope you get well soon

    500 x 334 - 24K
  • @pichenettes: I would recommend to check with some smaller, local hoster/web agency. They will be slightly more expensive compared to the big discount hosters, but it is a lot easier to get together with a developer on a table face to face once per year if something is bad or needs changes, with the discount hosters you are no longer sysadmin, but still web developer/ application admin. I would try to get rid of that as well. But I can’t give a recommendation for a local hoster for you, but there will be some around for sure.

  • Strange topic necrophilia…

    I’ve switched to OVH’s shared hosting in may. Massive performance boost, and very rare downtime since then…

  • Yups, downtime is so tiny that even I can’t complain ;-)

  • I saw some server maintenance over the week and it made me a tad nostalgic :D

  • Didn’t check the date, sorry… had some page loading issues today, that’s why I assumed it would be still relevant ;-)

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