No gate in anymore :/
  • Hye everyone. I’m having a problem with my eurorack Anushri. In fact, it was fully working, and I was using it via cv gate with a 190-2 midi interface. Then, I decided to mount the extension pannel of the Anushri (with midi and audio in / out). But, when I plugged it back in the case, I unfortunately forgot to put the red wire at the bottom (yes yes …). I powered it, and as I saw some smoke, I unplugged it and re plugged it as it was supposed to be.
    Luckyly, the Anushri is still fully working BUT “gate in” doesn’t work anymore (only “in”, the “out” is still working). Also, the “gate out” of my 190-2 isn’t working anymore (I tried to remove the gate bus jumper to solve this, but nothing happened). I’d like to precise that I also tried to trig the Anushri “gate in” with another gate source (“gate out” of the MC202) as my 190-2 can’t do it anymore, but nothing happened.
    So, as I plan to use the Anushri with a cv gate sequencer, I’d like to know if I can do something to fix that gate in problem. Also, if someone had a solution for my 190-2, that would be great.
    Thank you in advance everyone.

  • Obviously you killed some chips. Looking at the schematics try replacing the 4050 on the Anushri first.

  • Replace the CD4050 by a new one.

  • Yay ;-) Thank you for your quick answer. So that would be only a chip to replace. Where could I find that 4050 ? Is it possible to find it at a local electronic store, or is it only delivered by Mutable (and if yes, how is it possible to order it) ?
    For Fcd72, sorry but I can’t watch the video at the moment, as I’m at work and youtube access has been blocked on the computer.
    Anyway, that’s good news, I now know that my Anushri will maybe work fine again ! That’s so cool !
    Otherwise (sorry if this is off topic), does anyone know how I could solve the problem on my A190-2 midi interface (the “gate out” has died at the same time the Anushri’s “gate in” did).
    Again, thank you for everything !

  • Regarding the gate on the 190/2 – i took a quick look at mine and traced the routes on the PCB and it seems that the Gate Out is driven by a Transistor that sits right beneath the glide pot on the PCB. I can’t identify what type it is without disassembling. Another connection goes via a 2k2 to VDD.

    So my best bet would be removing the Glide Pot, desoldering the Trannie and replace it with the same type (probably a 2N3904 or something similar NPN).

    EDIT: Its a BC547 according to the Silkscreening.

  • Coool ! Thank you mate ! I’ll have a look as soon as possible. Otherwise, I saw that CD4050 is something that is sold by any components retailers (I hope I’m right). So, I’ll go at the store to pick this CD4050 and the BC547 transistor, then install them. If everything works fine, all my (little) system will be fully working again.
    Again … THANKS A LOT ;-)

  • Do you have experience with desoldering things? If not i highly recommend you also get a good approx 1mm desoldering braid with integrated Flux and first try with some other possibly dead PCB to desolder something. Its real tight on the 190/2 and the PCB is not top notch quality…..

    Oh, and start you collection of spare parts by getting 2 4050 and 5 BC547….

  • He he, thanks for the advice ;-) Yes, I’ve soldered and unsoldered things many times, so I don’t think it will be a problem (I hope so … as you said, it’s quite tight here).

  • So good luck – and post a Pic when done!

  • Sure I will. I think this will be done during the week end.

  • Components bought today. I plan to install them tonight.

  • SO … Anushri repaired succesfully (very happy about that) ! But, for the A 190-2 (midi interface), nothing happened. Maybe I did it wrong, or the problem would come from something else. I’m a little disappointed about it, but … anyway … the Anushri is now fully functionnal, and that’s what most important. And now that I’ve mounted the Anushri’s extension board to play it from midi notes, I don’t really need this 190-2 at the moment. Again, thank you for your precious help ;-)

  • You could try to contact Doepfer, and see if they know which component is most likely to fail.. I wouldn’t expect too much, but hey – it’s worth a try ? :)

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