Shruthi SE - Re-edition
  • I might do a new run of one of the special editions of the Shruthi – as a complete kit.

    Which one would you be interested in?

    4-Pole Mission? Polivoks? Yellow magic?

  • Oh, and how about a Special Limited Edition with an XT-style aluminium faceplate and Rogan knobs?

  • 4PM would be sweet!

  • Digital Board?

    Seems the one further behind in the redesign phase…

    Plus, I don´t have one ; )

  • I’ll probably self source but I also think the 4pm is the best option.

  • > Seems the one further behind in the redesign phase…

    I am not even sure I’ll do another batch of PCBs for that one…

  • @pichenettes I must say, I have a soft spot for that one, mostly as a lo-fi delay grunge box. If they’re not selling well, though, I can understand your reluctance to restock.


  • Over the past few months I’ve sold about 1 board a month. I’ve never been a big fan of it anyway…

  • It may be considered a classic in the future.


  • this is maybe a good reason to finally get a board before they are gone..

  • Andre of TubeOhm is almost ready to launch his Shruthacon filter board. You wouldn’t also consider a special joint kit with him, at the same time as the MI special edition re-issue kit?

  • Hmm… I was thinking about getting a digital board, so it is good to know it is a now or never kind of deal. I’ve been on a digital filter kick again.

    The 4PM is very fun, but I am still a fan of a Shruthivox. Of course I could just want what I don’t have. ;)

    A 4PM special edition may be very attractive to those yet to get a Shruthi and are experimenting with analogue hardware. I am also a fan of the wobbly and ms filter modes.It may be unimportant, but I think the firmware version 1.01 needs some default self playing and droning patches all to common on modular to bring even more similarities. :)

  • > this is maybe a good reason to finally get a board before they are gone..

    It’s already out of stock. So I guess you’ll have to go the OSH park / itead route for this.

  • > Oh, and how about a Special Limited Edition with an XT-style aluminium faceplate and Rogan knobs?

    The case would end up costing the same as Adrian’s metal cases.

    As for the Rogan knobs, I realize it was a mistake to use them on a product with plastic shafts, so I won’t encourage their use on more DIY stuff.

  • Understood about the knobs, but don’t see cost as a huge issue; it’s a special edition after all. :)

    A special edition kit including a 4PM Adrian’s case design might be nice as well.

  • R.I.P DSP/Digital Filter!!! Y’all gonna miss that comb filter!!!!

  • I doubt that is the last digital filter we will see from Oliver. I think that an MI monosynth that has digital oscillators and a digital filter/waveshaper/effect before the analogue signal path would be cool. Now to look into making a custom Shruthi with a digital filter board that runs into a SMR4.

  • Digital did allow for lots of possibilities. But ultimately still only a monosynth with one filter.

  • I don’t hate digital filters and FX, but this thing I did with an Atmega, 2k of RAM and the internal 8-bit ADC... yuck. Makes the simplest FV-1 program sound like Moogerfoogers sent into a Bricasti.

  • I’d like to have a 4PM Shruthi with Virus Polar colors scheme (“white” display, white leds, lightgrey-white knobs).

    Access Virus Polar.jpeg
    1024 x 768 - 74K
  • vote for yellow magic in metal

  • If there is no way of improvement within the Shruthi´s constraints for the Digital Filter, then I guess the Polivoks is the one further behind?

    I mean it still has sharp corners on the pcb…

    The 4pm and YM are quite polished image wise and feature wise…

  • It would be bizarre to slap together a vactrol filter a la Scott Stites, or maybe an LPG Shruthi. The obvious downside is that vactrols are rare and fickle beasts – sourcing them is like herding cats. I’m pretty sure that Olivier wouldn’t have the time and inclination, but Tomorrow Never Knows™.

  • wasp filter is one of the filters that would also be interesting to do for Shruthi.

  • I think Olivier has neither the time nor the interest to do a new filter architecture. This is about a reissue as the thread title hints at. ;)

  • Yes sorry for derailing here… So back to:
    4PM, PV or YM?

  • Oh ya, dat Wasp filter haz been overlooked. Time to prototype something later this fall…

    Back to our ordinary broadcast!


  • i can testify the tubeohm ladder filter is the bee’s knees.

  • I agree, and I think the forthcoming TubeOhm Shruthacon Steiner-Parker filter for the Shruthi will be fabulous as well.

  • Since we seem to be throwing out every idea at the moment, how about a Polivox Radiation/Chernobile edition? A black case with white text and radiation green LEDs and screen. Insensitive but cool.

  • I’d love to see a Shruthacon or Polivox edition

  • So should I conclude that there’s not much interest in a re-edition, since you all seem to want new things? Maybe I’m asking the wrong crowd, I’m pretty sure all of you have one of each Shruthi :)

  • Ok, you reissue the PV and I’ll provide the green screen and lights.

  • And I’ll even throw in a double post appearently, haha.

  • There are clones already! The radiation must be strong!

  • Well, you could ask the crowd at GS or Muff’s but I think you have those guys eating out of your pocket too…

    What if there was this YM with a really bitching 2-layer top? Edit: removed references to the graphically nice but sensitive issue of the rising sun flag.

  • @pichenettes I’ve built all variants at least once, but I also sold a lot of them. I’m not planning to do the self-sourcing game ever again, so yeah, I’d certainly get a full 4PM kit.

    And yes, I do think the ratio of people interested in a kit vs. the number of people here on the forum will only get bigger over time.

  • The boards with the V2164 seem to cause people the agro when self sourcing the parts.

  • Not to mention the PT2399s :)

  • Well that’s true, but is every chip going to be tested prior to shipping?

  • @pichenettes: I know you despise it, but I really think a Digital FX/Filter board would sell well. I’d also bet you might even be able to improve upon it since I’m sure you’ve got all sorts of new code tricks you’ve learned since you designed it!

    Or… 4PM. :D

  • > I’m sure you’ve got all sorts of new code tricks you’ve learned since you designed it!

    Indeed, but for processors roughly 400x more powerful than this :)

  • the rising sun logo is pretty offensive to lots of people…

    i think 4pm is in the lead for the reissue series.

  • Agree with @herrprof. Actually, almost all of the graphical suggestions above are a bit on the offensive side.

  • Egg on face! Japan and history equals bad.

    Oh well…

  • Tough call, since I’ve always wanted to build the 4PM, but I think I’d have to vote Polivoks for the distortion / audio-rate modulation possibilities.

  • I’d buy a Polivoks

  • FYI, I found one last piece of the digital filter board.

    If it goes to someone in the EU, I might throw in whatever MCP4921 or quad R2R op-amp I can find.

  • I’ll take it.

  • I would vote for a 4PM — if it would have been available I would have bought it instead of a SMR4 standard kit :-)

  • Late to the party because I only just found out about the Shruthi. I’d love a Yellow Magic Special Edition if ever you reissued that. Actually, to be honest I’d be happy with any reissue because I kind of want one of each filter anyway… Either way, I’m enthusiastic about reissues because I missed all the special editions.

  • They are all special in their own way, a bit like children (at least, that’s what I tell myself).

  • You’re just lucky that your actual child is sympathetic to your synth addiction!

  • I am actually discontinued all special editions of the Shruthi, even in PCB form, so grab boards now!

  • @pichenettes

    Oh… that’s quite a turnaround.

    I kind of want to build all of them but I can’t afford to buy all the boards at the same time. =(

    Any chance you’ll ever reissue the kits with the nice coloured enclosures and pretty board art? If the problem is low demand, doing infrequent and limited reissues of the kits would allow demand to build up in between. I’m not sure what quantity you used to order the boards in, but I wouldn’t object to a higher price for smaller print runs.

    Or, you could do something crowdfunding style. Crowdfunding seems to be a good way of doing limited runs of things because you can immediately gauge interest and find out what numbers to produce. You therefore would only do them if there was enough interest (some number of ‘backers’ passed) and then you wouldn’t be left with a load of stock that won’t shift.

    I realise that because the entire project is open source people can still make Shruthis without your participation, but:

    1. I’d like to pay you for your work (even if the kits are not a big money maker)
    2. Part of me likes the idea of having “official” MI Shruthis and I’m pretty gutted that I only found out about them after they’ve been discontinued.

    I hope you’d consider reissues in the future (and let me know if you do so I can stand in line). :)


    EDIT: Whoops, just found the thread where you announced the discontinuation. The bit at the end gives me a little hope.

  • @SirPrimalform (Nice name by the way), the board files are available, as is the BOM, so it’s not like they are unobtanium now, group buys are already being considered, so no fear, it will live on in some form :)

  • @V’cent (Thanks! He’s a character mentioned in an Incredible String Band song. His full name is Sir Primalform Magnifico, but that’s a bit long for a username…)

    I know that there can and will be Shruthis even without Olivier selling kits, but there’s a little bit of me that wants ‘official’ Mutable Instruments™ Shruthis. :P

    I know it’s kind of silly, but I like the colourful boards and artwork… I guess I’m just gutted that I didn’t know about Shruthi two years ago and it seems I missed the ‘golden age’.

  • colourful boards and artwork will still be possible in group buys

  • > Any chance you’ll ever reissue the kits with the nice coloured enclosures and pretty board art?

    No, sorry.

    I want to sell as little as I can in terms of DIY kits because I don’t want money which comes with the stress and burden of selling a complex DIY kit. You surely are a very nice guy, but the very fact of making the kit available to you will also mean making the kit available to people who will drive me crazy.

    Also, I am not super proud of some of these things, so please let me move on.

  • @TheSlowGrowth: Oh cool, thanks for letting me know. I assumed they’d be plain and green.

    What about pretty plexi cases with the artwork? :D

    Oh, and I just found Olivier’s thread where he announced the discontinuation, in particular the “And after that?” section which makes some of my big post above redundant. Still I’ll just add a postscript rather than delete it.

    EDIT: And whoops, now Olivier has replied!

    I completely understand why you wouldn’t want that kind of responsibility. Still, I’ve now read the post about the discontinuation and I hope that something comes of the last paragraph. Perhaps a deal where someone else produces and sells (*and supports*) ‘official’ kits in such a way that it’s not your responsibility.
    However I’ll probably buy a normal kit as well as some Yellow Magic boards from you as soon as I can afford to (providing they don’t sell out first). Wish you still had some yellow cases left…

    Good luck with the modules!

  • @SirPrimalform
    You can always order a nice colored Special Edition case from me – as soon as Olvier is sold out. For the nice colored PCBs…. Well, lets see what happens next year.

  • Heh, seems like not so much will change after all. Thanks everyone for the patience in dealing with my little bout of panic!

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