Rogan knobs wont fit
  • Hello everyone,

    i got my rack mounting kit from the MI shop. Looks pretty awesome! I just can´t get the caps on the pots. Has anyone an advice?
    I have already seen many pics of finished rack modules. Did you have the same problem?

    Thanks Adrian

  • I used silicone grease and they went all the way on. They are known to be tight!

  • I also used silicone grease, but I also shaved the pot shafts down with a dremel on all sides to make them go on easier. I was not comfortable with using a ton of force.

  • +1 for pot shaving. Should have done that too

  • I managed to get them all on without grease or recourse to power tools. It was a struggle, though.
    Hope I never have to remove them…


  • I used “brute” force without any noted issue

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