Arp on by default?
  • Hopefully an easy solution for this, but couldn’t find it in the manual…. When I hit play on ableton, my anushri automatically starts its arp sequence.
    I would prefer it not to do that. How do I hobble it?

  • In ableton you can choose not to output midi clock on the midi connection you are using for the Anushri.

  • Can you configure Ableton Live so that it doesn’t send MIDI clock data?

  • Put the Anushri on an output you don’t need for other devices that do need midi clock.

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  • ah yes, of course… thanks.
    that was simple :)

  • Olivier, sorry for necro-threading here, is there any possible way to trigger the run/start button on the Anushri via MIDI without pressing play on a DAW (when set to external sync) or pushing the button manually? I have a slightly odd scenario:
    I am using the Anushri clock out as the master clock for my eurorack. I send it to an AD Octocontroller and then that guy mods/sequences the heck out of everything else.
    But sometimes I don’t want the Anushri’s sequence to start playing, but rather I want to play it live from another midi controller, or have it be sequenced by the DAW.
    I think the answer is no.
    This relates to a similar question/hopeless feature request I had before where it would be amazing if all of the buttons could respond to midi cc so that sequencer rests and ties could be input from a DAW.

  • > is there any possible way to trigger the run/start button … ?

    Sorry, there is no other way.

  • poops. Thanks!

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