ambika filter board selection. HELP
  • Hi everyone. Is there a ambika filter board selection you would suggest? Kieran

  • All of them. Honestly.

    If it would be a commercial prebuilt unit i guess it would come with SMR-4, i think that covers the spirit of your question?

  • All of them!

    I got a full compliment of all the voice cards and the (boring) answer is als always: it depends.

    The SVF is fairly flexible and sits nicely in most mixes. Everything is 2-pole so the filtering is less pronounced but you can attain some really powerful sounds.
    The 4P is a bit analytical and less pronounced than the SMR4. That said, it makes for mean leads, plucks and perc type sounds.
    The SMR4 is sweeter and really nice, all round and Rolandish.

    Then we have the 3rd party voice boards:
    The Tubeohm ladder filter sounds huge, boomy and all that. Build your own Memorymoog!
    Then we have the Polivoks boards for those snarling sounds, screeching stuff that takes no prisoners… You can easily use these for both dirty deeds, or just give your sounds that edge coming from the secret sauce.

    It’s an impressive choice, but if you’re concerned about what’s missing – don’t be! Every filter type under the sound is available as Eurorack, DIY or in some Shruthi.

  • Im even more confused! Truly what I am after is something which can be played In poly, what with the flexibility of this machine im thinking it would be nice to have all the differant boards. How would chords sound with a selection of boards? I know its a very hard question to answer. .. I come from monos and polys such as the juno so the truer side of sound design is new to me. Also the main reason I have chosen this build is so I can have a poly in a live situation. Jojjelito can you send me some links for the 3rd party boards please.

  • I wouldn’t use multiple boards in one machine unless you are sure you don’t need to use them together in one patch. Patches will sound different with also different volume levels on different cards. So normal poly playing wit different cards doesn’t work well. But you can of course use this as an effect if you like that. Only thing is you can’t switch the effect off.
    I can recommend SMR4 as sounding really nice. Or Tube Ohm ladder if you like em fat and dirty. I didn’t hear the ambika polivoks yet but i’m sure it’s not an allrounder. Personally i also really like the 4p for it’s tight bassy resonance.
    SMR4 is also the cheapest and easiest to source and build although the differences are small.

  • Ah i see. So there’s no mix function? The ladder sounds really interesting. Im going to listen now to some demos.

  • I don’t know what you mean with a mix function. There are 6 individual outs for all the cards and one mixed output. But you can’t set the voice cards volume individually. But there are workarounds like mixing it with a mixer or having multiple patches of the same preset running on different midi channels with a midipal in front and the patches set to individual volume and filter settings.
    But you don’t want that. I have a 3 4p and 3 ladder cards now. I’m using it only sequenced as a 2x 3 voice poly But i still regret not having 6 of the same voices. Maybe i should get another ambika.

  • Thats the problem with MI. Too much choice. ... I built a shruthi and instantly wanted to try different filters. Which of the ladder filters did you build? Im loving the overdriven sound. Its very different to anything I already own and probably the closest id ever get to owning a moog.

  • Then you should get the ladder fitter.
    There is only one, from Tube Ohm

  • Im thinking possibly 4xladder 1xpolivolk and 1xsvf. Does this make sense? Does 4 polyphony make sense for chords? I was then thinking of the other 2 parts for mono.

  • I recommend getting 6 indentical cards for poly usage, that way you don’t cut off the release when playing chords.

    You can always get another Ambika with only a few cards or a Shruthi for mono parts.

  • Cheers t2k. 6xladders it is then!!

  • Or possibly 6xsvf for extra filter types then a shruthi with a ladder filter at some stage.

  • The Polvoks voice cards are made in occasional batches by the forum member @scannerboy
    Here’s a thread about them

    What I did was to get the different voice boards in waves, then build and test th voice boards, after that go after enclosures, motherboards and parts as my overall economy permitted, or how much I could sneak past and get away with in front of my beloved better half. She has her claws in my funds..

  • If you like overdriven sounds get the ladders!

  • @jojjelito
    did we miss to congratulate for your marriage, or why she has legally her claws in your funds
    (I’m happily married for 10 years now and i have no clue what this means…) ?

  • @fcd72: Haha, ain’t no ring on this finger yet, but we do have shared responsibilities. Like this small person who snuck into our lives :) Hence, my carefree days of just looking out for number one are over, the need for my toys has to be balanced out. So, I decided to Be Rad, Be a Modular Dad™.

  • I recommend another look at the SMR4. Additional filter modes are nice, but I do feel that the SMR4 LP is nicer than the one in the SVF.

  • I suspect that you are right t2k 2poles are generally a little more boring (to my ear) then 4 poles.

  • What are peoples thoughts on a poly with a ladder filter? I feel it could be a bit too much weight and possibly become muddy. Did moog do a poly which featured a ladder filter?

  • I really like the SMR-4 sound, so my first Ambika is one with 6 SMR-4 voice cards (fully built).
    The second one I’m putting together now (slowly …) will be a 6x ladder one, and the third will contain all different cards. Then there is the fourth …. which will be more SMR-4 cards, I think.

    Getting out of hand, isn’t it ?

    The point is that the choice of voice card all depends on the type of sound you want to achieve. They can be exchanged, though, so you could do with just the one motherboard and a screwdriver. Bit tedious, but certainly cheaper.

  • Personally i don’t know what to do with 6 Voice polyphonic Laddder filter Ambika. Maybe if i would be Keyboarder of Disaster Area ….

  • Ladders can sound sweet …

  • yeah, and it was just yesterday i discovered the MiniMoog can do a new, yet unheard (at least by me) Sound besides the other 3,5 Sounds it does so well ;-)

  • The MemoryMoog had transistor ladder filters if I’m not mistaken. It sounds sweet to my ears at least.

    I’m amassing enough stuff so that I can soon build me 5 separate Amibikas, there’s only some passives and enclosures to get now. The voice boards all work so this will be hella nice. Due to the insanely fast shipping I was able to get the last 2 Ambika mobos ordered this Tuesday primed and ready on the kitchen table. Gonna spend the evening ravishing them with the good ole Metcalf I got hold of. Kick ass solder station!

  • “... soon build me 5 separate Ambikas, ...”

    Thanks, Jojjelito, that makes me feel better !

  • It’s not just 2 vs. 4 poles. It’s also that the SMR4 manages to hit some kind of sonic sweet spot very well. It just has this lovely classic Rolandish feel to it.

    It’s a safe all-round choice, IMHO.

  • The SMR has a very broad sweet spot and this brings a lot of flexibility to this filter…

  • I like the slightly colder 4P too :) It allowes for me to dial in the spookiest digital sounds while being supercilious and you gotta respect that. But I’d definitely sat art with the SMR4 if it were my first voice cards.

    @eelco: It’s like slightly expensive Pokémon for us DIY geeks. I still think I don’t need 5 Ambikas, but the deed is nearly done. It’s more a thing somewhere between need and want. Plus they sound deadly when layered with some Polaris raw fatness :) It’s my guilty Halloween pleasure, one of many.

  • I like all the filters.

  • I opted for a 5 4p + 1 svf setup.

    Thought of the sf for bassline mono and 5 4p for pads.

    This was before the Ladder card though, that would have replaced the svf.

    I did build one more 4p card just so I could later opt for 6 4p layout.

  • I am actually at the same plan, which one, i have other shruthi for low end bass (ladder, SMR, YM), and would use the Ambika more for atmospheric sound,

    I was thinking that having some sound at LPF and some at HPF, would be cool when modulated, cause of the crossing frequency, some going up, some going down, that’S why i was more on the SVF side…

    Maybe i’m wrong…

  • You don’t know if that’s wrong until you tried it. Sure, you can predict the outcome, but as long as no one is hurt, it’s a good exercise. Unpredictable filter modulation can sound very very nice. Great things come out on the other end of the mighty Korg PS-3100 resonator which is 3 band pass Vactrol filters sweeping all over the place at different rates.

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