Colissimo shipping status and shipping times?
  • I had a package shipped via Colissimo (?). I’m assuming this is just the regular France postal service?

    Anyway, on the shipping status it’s been stuck on “Your parcel is getting ready to leave the country of origin.” since last Wednesday. I’m not sure if this is simply because the parcel has in fact keep moving, but the shipping status has not been updated. Or if it means my package has been sitting in their export center for the last week.

    Anyone else have experience with this shipping service and can advise? In contrast, DHL delivered to my front door within two days.

  • If it’s a normal tracking number (two letters, some numbers, your country code in two letters), try tracking it with your local post company track & trace, they often have newer info on parcels. Otherwise, wait til Pichenettes steps in and hits colissimo with the big stick :)

  • ... and tells them they should get some horny Llamas instead?

  • I tried it with Canada Post and it does indeed show up. The status is: “International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada”. That’s as of last Wednesday.

    I’m a little surprised it is taking this long, though. Last time I ordered via regular mail internationally (from Taiwan), it only took a day from leaving Taiwan before arriving in Canada and showing as arrived in the tracking system.

  • It surely means that its trapped in canadian Customs. Takes anything between 2 Minutes and infinite.

  • There should be an update though if it’s with Canada Customs. My other package from Taiwan listed the status “Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing” when it arrived in Canada.

    Unless the statuses just aren’t being updated for some reason.

  • Personally, i wouldn’t trust a tracking status not further than i could throw the parcel….

  • Since they deliver to canada and are less expensive than the postal service, why did you not use the horny llamas?

    PO box?

  • Is that a reference to DHL?

    At any rate, for this particular order I was only given the one shipping option. I would have preferred DHL otherwise.

  • Huh? I’ll look into this – you should have seen the DHL option! I leave the postal service option for people with PO boxes, but DHL makes everybody happier (they come and pick the package and the customs form process is automatic + you get it in 2-3 days).

  • What? There is another option than DHL? I had to choose DHL express for my last orders to Germany, there was no other option. I woul have preferred the non-express shipment.

  • Germany is the exception, since DHL apparently has access to mailboxes there, or at least they can deliver to “packstations”. So I don’t offer any other option for shipping to Germany.

  • Oh okay. Yes, DHL have those parcel stations everywhere. I never used this service though. I’ve seen that many sellers refuse to send to those stations. Any guess why?

  • I don’t know… I have only 1 or 2 shipping hassles a month – missing address bits or occasionally damaged packages.

  • Just FYI,...
    My experience of DHL in California,USA is horrible. The package gets to a main hub in the USA very quickly (2 days), then the tracking stops and they give it to another carrier to deliver, which takes another 2-3 days with no tracking to get a few hundred km! I emailed DHL about it, saying why not put the tracking number of the other carrier in the status rather than “forwarded”. They didn’t know what I was on about. Lame. They used to be very good here.

  • My order in question was order #8612, if that helps at all.

  • Still no update to the tracking status. Anyone have any idea how long I should be waiting until I start to get concerned?

  • I ve had package with colissimo take 2 weeks to arrive from France to the Netherlands… That’s only 500 km.

  • Have they been walking ?

  • Still no update to the shipping status. I’m starting to get a bit concerned, especially given that one of the items I had ordered (Black versions of the Shruthi metal cases) are now listed as sold out on the website.

    I’m wondering if I should place a new order and grab some white cases while they are still available…

  • And still no update. Sent an email via the contact form on how to proceed. I’m thinking of placing a new order, but not sure what will happen if the original order does (eventually) show up.

  • If it is with Canadian customs you don’t always get this to show up: they don’t care much about tracking. So the fact that there is no update most likely means you’ll have to hand over some more money at some (indefinite) point in the future.

    My packages from Canada (hexinverter !) to Europe usually get stuck for a month at customs here in Europe (without any indication from the tracking service !): that is surely no different at the other side of the pond.

  • In my experience, usually Canada Post is pretty good about tracking updates including the customs processing. I order a lot of international stuff (mainly from the US) and I can’t remember the last time I had an issue with tracking.

    At any rate, the status was updated today to indicate the package has arrived in Canada. Now I’m not worried that it was lost or something :D

  • Just an update to this, I received my package on Friday. Total time from shipping to delivery was 25 days. That’s 12.5x longer than DHL’s shipping time.

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