Switch Mounting on Anushri Eurorack Kit - Were did you put your Star Washers ?
  • Hi All !

    I have a general question for Anushri Eurorack Kit builders.

    I’m about to put the panel on the finished build and i was wanting a general opinion about whether to put the
    Star Washers (included on the shaft of the switches) behind the panel or on the front of the panel under the nut ?
    I think the former would be the neatest looking option , i’d just like to hear from a few other builders before i proceed.

    BTW , is there a standard way to use Star Washers ?
    I have used both mounting methods in past DIY builds over the years in several formats.

    Thanks Again

  • Usually, in the garbage bin, but if you have a tiny hamster, you can use a bit of wire to turn it into a very fashionable accessory for your favorite rodent.

  • There are no hamsters or gerbils in Oz where cleaninglady does her cleaning – they are prohibited imports – but the suggested eyewear would suit an antechinus just as well.

  • Very nice eyewear Mr Gerbil.

    I jettisoned those suckers to the junk bag.

  • I collect them till i have enough to form the core of a little planet – Magrathea got so expensive so i think ill do this on my own….

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