Help wanted: Anushri with ladder filter ?
  • Hi all,

    I’ve already built several Anushri, the last one on veroboard.
    Now I want to build an Anushri with a ladder filter, Moog style.

    I’m looking for pointers/opinions on a +5V -5V ladder filter:
    Yusynth Moog?
    TubeOhm shruthi ladder ?
    any other?

    How to integrate with Anushri cv ?

    Thanks all

  • All I can say is… good luck :D

  • Thanks :)

    Any obvious pitfalls I will stumble in?

  • Just mount it into an EuroRack, get your favorite Filter, Plug the output to the Filter and there you go….
    Might be quicker, easier and cheaper.

  • Quicker yes, but less fun :)

    I really don’t want eurorack / modular / etc. as a format.
    I want a desktop synth. About 30x20x5cm. Like my veroboard Anushri.
    External cv isn’t even a necessity.

    So, what +5 -5 ladder filter would you recommend?
    How to interface with Anushri’s internal cv?


  • That word “fun”, i dont think it means what you think it means..

  • I see…. we both have a weird definition of fun:

    Id start with a TubeOhm Ladder Filter for the ShruthI, as it already runs on ±5V and Andre can give you a hint on the scaling of the CVs, with a bit of luck you can sneak away with just an OpAmp to scale the Response Curve per CV….

    BTW – come and join us here , its not that far from the Netherlands and i know you Dutch drive loooooong Turns for pretty much anything ;-)

  • Thanks fcd72,
    TubeOhm yes, that’s what I was thinking,
    and there’s already an opamp (IC2) to buffer the DAC for external vcf cv

    and that’s not my idea of fun:
    I’d rather spend days on end planning veroboard
    to reduce the amount of wiring by 1

    And thanks for the invite, but
    Köln would be my limit of travel

  • That picture above is nothing, look at the Amiga prototype boards.

  • @gphg
    can i entice you with the fact that its only 40€ including 2 nights and lunch on Saturday – and ill throw in dinner at the local indian restaurant for you ;-)

  • Thanks Frank, I’m really flattered,
    but not for me, too far away

    I live in the southernmost part of the Netherlands, close to Aachen (D).
    Feel free to come by for a coffee or beer if you’re in the neighborhood.

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