Problem soldering the main audio in/out connectors
  • Hello…
    Thank you for the help.
    i busted a part of the circuit that goes to the in out conector. i tried soldering many times but every single time i soldered the conector it had bad contact. would connect the cable to my mixing board and sometimes it would work wth no noise,, then if i moved the synth around it becomes noise, so had to touch the conector, move around so fnd a sweet spot with normal sound and not noisy.

    So by the pictures i need to do a bridge so i conect the conector to its proper transistor or where ever it leads to.
    Can someone help me??
    Thank you so much.. Am a newby, its my first soldering project.

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  • You need to solder a wire from the leg of the jack to the second pin of the J7 connector. See the image below:

    Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.57.54 AM.png
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  • what is the second leg of the j7 conector??? from left to rightor right to left? coud you please circle the second leg of the J7 conector?? thank you

  • On the picture I have posted above, there’s a line between the two points that you have to connect.