Using Anushris Midi Out for external drums
  • Hi,
    I’m havin a headache about this:
    I want to use Anushris drum sequencer to trigger an external drumcomputer.
    Pressing“hold” and “clk/kbd” brings me to the midi out-menu. The drum led is lit…so channel 10 should send the drum note events….
    Now I start the sequencer and drums can be heard ….
    But neither I see in my DAW any midi information in this channel (so the drumset cannot be triggered, of course) nor can I trigger direkt via midi out/in an external drumcomputer….

    Any ideas what can be the problem?

  • Do you still receive other MIDI information?

  • What DAW are you using ? In FL Studio, I can testify that midi triggering works without any configuration with the standard drum sampler plugin.

  • ableton live…
    can’t slave ableton to anushri (clock) nor triggering any external vst synth with it.
    So as far as I’d say – no midi out at all???

    when I hit hold/clk, ALL leds are shining..( just don’t know if this is normal since in the upper row there’s only the left one showing if anushri is sending clock.

    Perhaps I should mention that when I was soldering Anushri, I first had troubles with midi in.
    It turned out that I soldered the optocoupler just the wrong way round at first. After turning it the right way, midi in worked fine.

  • Any idea?

  • do you have a midi monitor?

  • Often the greatest problem sits in front of the synthesizer…
    But yeah, I double-checked this.
    Originally, I tried to trigger my MFB-522 with Anushri, changed to Ableton then.

  • Na, don’t have a midi monitor yet -in fact I didn’t know this before but searched for this real-time-monitoring stuff. Thanks, I will install it and make sure, wether midi out is sending anything

  • comment removed…

  • There’s no problem anymore, works fine today. Don’t know what I forgot. It’s getting mysterious for me here…and that kind of fucks me up.

  • Okay…On my midiface, I see flashing light for signal and got also a drum sequence running… but: it somehow depends on how I plug my midi out jack….seems that the midi-socket has a loose contact…. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow….but I again think of the octocoupler I put in the wrong way round first – can there be a coherence? midi in works fine…I never used the midi out until now.

  • The optocoupler is for midi in only. Midi out is connected directly to the Atmega via a resistor (R4 220 Ohm) and to +5V via a resistor (R3 220 Ohm). I would recommend to resolder the midi out socket and to check the above resistors.

  • Also check your cables :)

  • Thank you guys, again a great help! Resoldering helped – now I can have fun with the anushri triggering the 522…

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