FS/FT DIY Uoki-Toki, Echophone, Braids, Dreadbox, Dwarfcraft
  • I ship from Russia. Shipping anywhere in the world! All prices in US dollars. PayPal gift is preferred or add 3%.
    15 USD shipping. Two and more devices – combine shipping!!!
    Trades!! I am interested in all modules! Especially these: +/-$: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/161148

    Mutable Instruments – Braids – 330$ (not DIY)
    Make Noise – Echophon – 340$ (Grayscale & original panel) (HOLD)
    Dreadbox – Theta – 190$
    Dwarfcraft Devices – Yep – 90$
    Assembled DIY Uoki-Toki Eurorack Modules
    Info: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=140968

    Thanks for looking!

    604 x 346 - 98K
    848 x 345 - 263K
  • Saw your video of the Polivoks filter, very cool. I’m seriously considering picking one up from you. How much is shipping to Canada?

  • Dupe, argh!

  • Filter 70 + 10 shipping to Canada!

  • The market rules apply to everyone.


  • Oops, forgot about those. Sorry Luap, although I did purchase a filter.

  • To Luap: OK
    1) Sale: Mutable Instruments Edges – 290$ (+15 shipping)
    2) 50 discussions / comments ?? ohhh… What For? I am an honest person :) Here is a little film about me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjeVqK0D118
    3) This my setap: https://pp.vk.me/c627619/v627619599/3368/NOKXjAPXWh4.jpg

  • The 50 discussion thing is fairly common, I think Muff’s does 100. It is not a reflection on your honesty. These are tight groups where knowing a bit about everyone is important to the group.

  • piscione: No need to apologise to me :) Its Oliviers forum, and his rules (And i happen to agree with them)
    And I think UokiToki is quite familiar with MuffWiggler.. He cheated his way to 100 posts there to posts his sales. They usually kick people off for that, so he was lucky ;)

  • I sent him some money so hopefully this will work out okay.

  • Whoa just seeing this and just wanted to say hi to Uoki Toki! Big fan of yours from the old 8bitcollective days! (My username was dotdummy)

  • I got the filter, like it alot.

  • to piscione:

    to bleo:
    Thank you! Already 5 years do not write music on the gameboy. Now I assembled modular synthesizer :^)

  • Honestly I’d be interested in a couple of things in there. But no job at the moment = no fun :’(

  • Pm’ed you about a couple of things

  • Down?

  • New(ish) Market rules.

    You need to meet these two conditions to post in the “market” section:

    The product for sale / trade should be a Mutable Instruments product. If you list several products, at least 20% of the items being sold should be Mutable Instruments products
    5 or more posts in the forum.

  • What´s your intention?

    This thread was opened before the rules were changed.

    I like this thread. Without it I wouldn´t have noticed UokiToki.

  • ^ Me? Maybe ask Olivier, as he made the rules here. Not me ; )

    But if I had to guess, perhaps Olivier wants his forum to be used for Mutable related topics, rather than have people use it to set up shop for their own products which have nothing to do with Mutable?
    It might not be so bad, except that is all this guy uses this place for..

  • Yea i concur, if he isnt a regular on the forum why post here?

  • Sorry guys.
    I sold three devices from the Mutable Instruments…. And yet I have three modules (MI), which I do not want to sell))
    I will not raise this topic :(

  • Mutable Instruments – Braids for sale!

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