FS (EU-FR) Phonogene and other stuff...
  • Hey all !

    I need to make to space in the studio and put some money in the account. Would you help me with that ?
    Price are without shipping or potential paypal fees.

    BIG PRICE DROP Make Noise’s Phonogene (Broken Echo Firmware) 340€

    Focal’s Spirit One headphone (almost never used, they’re quite brand new. I miss one of the two small cable though) 80€

    Electro-Harmonix Worm XO 45€

    Vactrol Mix Grayscale panel, brand new 20€

    [SOLD] Music Thing Modular’s Volts for Turing Machine (properly DIY’ed by myself) 25€
    [SOLD] Ekdahl Moisturizer – Knas 400€
    [SOLD] Endorphin’s Terminal 420€
    [SOLD] Make Noise’s Wogglebug Mk2 220€
    [SOLD] Endorphin’s Furthrrrr Generator 500€
    [SOLD] Shruthi XT 4Pm All white Adrian’s case. 400€
    [SOLD]Added Qunexus, last Shruthi PCBs, guitar still available.
    [SOLD] 4pm and polivoks pair 35€ each
    [SOLD] 3 of Frank’s eurorack busboards (built), 45€ + shipping and paypal fee
    [SOLD] LXR, trigger ouputs, erica synths metal case 450€
    [SOLD] Yellow Magic pair
    [SOLD] Dual SVF Midnight pair
    [SOLD] Shruthi control board, classic 4PM style

  • I’m not so much into guitars but this is a lovely guitar!

  • Well thank you ! Custom 77 is a really small brand based in Lyon, France. They make good but affordable designs and this one is great but I just can’t find the time to work my guitar skills :)

  • I will take the busboards please.
    Will send you a PM.

  • That 77 is gorgeous!

  • @ikke all good, you got them !
    @herrprof indeed, but I find it a bit hard to find the right buyer, there are so many guitars around !

  • BUMP for price drop on the guitar…

  • BUMP For lovely Shruthi PCB from the past…

  • Interested in the guitar; How’s the condition? Can you show some details in separate photos?

  • Very good condition, I bought it new in last February and barely played it since. (of course never outside the home studio…) Are you in France ? far from Lyon ? The best would be for you to try it :)

  • I’m in Amsterdam. :)

  • Ok, it might be a bit expensive to send there ? I’ll get back to you at the beginning of next week for pictures and shipping estimate. (Working away for the weekend :)

  • PM’d about SVF PCB’s

  • Interested in 4pm control board.

  • On hold ! :)

  • Sold some of the Shruthi PCBs, @t2k PM’ed for the guitar shipping

  • Not getting the guitar. Love the look of it, but I really don’t have the time to actually play it right now.

  • No worries, still for sale then :)

  • I am interested in the 4PM pair!

  • is any of the Shruthi PCB’s still available?

  • Need to update the topic, polivoks sold and shipped, 4pm nearly sold. Sorry :(

  • Shruthi XT added !

  • Man that Shruthi is sexy…Nice guitar too- WOWZA!

  • Yes, I meant to build a all white 4pm shruthi XT for a while, and Adrian’s cases are beautiful :)

  • Bump for price drop :)

  • Bumpy ?

  • Pm envoyé

  • Sold ! :)

  • naaaaan

  • BUMP for plenty of new stuff !

  • Peaks sold

  • Sansamp GT2 Sold

  • Shy bump
    before this goes on other networks…

  • SOLD Furthrrrr, Wogglebug, and gave LeStrum to a friend for his birthday :)

  • Annnnnnnd BUMP ! :)

  • Price drop and bump :)

  • Sold Endorphin Terminal

  • Added Moisturizer !

  • Pm’d!

  • Answered ;)

  • Sold Moisturizer, and price drop on that Phonogene :)

  • Price drop again on that phonogene, to match the other adds. And Sold the volts

  • BUMP ? :)

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