Module Tester Case Files and "still fonts, not paths" error
  • Hello

    I would like to produce case for the Module tester via

    When I upload the eps file from github to formulor , it gives me an error message *Failed
    File contains text that is still fonts, not paths*.

    How can I convert font to paths ( don’t have Adobe Ilustrator ) ?


    Does somebody have a compatible design file ?


  • That’s relatively easy. The easiest way is to select everything, then hit CTRL (win) or CMD (mac) + SHIFT + O (letter O). This will convert all fonts to paths. To check if it worked allright, you just hit CTRL/CMD + Y this cycles between preview view and outline view. The latter only shows the paths as black lines. You should see only the outlines of the text, if the text is still a font you see it as a filled black shape.
    You can find these command in the menu as well:
    TYPE > Create Outlines
    VIEW > Outline/Preview

  • Thanks @rumpelfilter

    I don’t have AI. Is there any free alternative application that I can do the conversion?

    I tried with inkscape.It does not open eps files so you need convert eps to pdf but then inkscape can not convert text to path in pdf files :(

  • I’m pretty sure Inkscape can do that. It’s just called differently. I can’t remember the exact wording though. what OS are you using btw?

  • @rumpelfilter I use OS X Yosemite

  • @altitude you are a saver :) Thanks

    Is there any chance that you might have design file for MidiAlf as well ?

  • yeah, PM your email

  • @altitude PM sent

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