Anushri PCB's new Batch
  • Hello , i am thinking about a new batch of Anushri PCB’s.
    If anybody is interested – let me know .

    Greets Andre’

  • I am interested, also in a case and pre-programmed chips.

  • I guess complete kit is a no-go ?
    I missed the original Anushri runs …

  • I would be interested in just the control board!

  • I am interested in the PCBs. I don’t need the case or the chips.

  • Well, count me in for the PCBs anyway.

  • OK , Problem is , i must first order and build one to be sure that all works like expected . I am thinking about this .

    Cases are also not a problem – thans Frank.
    I let you know .

    Greets Andre’
  • @stuartm A complete kit , it is possible …. but i must calculate how much it costs me . There are a lot – and some special parts …

  • Thanks André, much appreciated !

  • Hi i need minimum 10 people . So i wait a little .
  • If ZX81 indeed just wants the control board, I’d be interested in just the main board.

  • Interested in boards, pre-programmed chips and possibly case depending on the options. Lot of backlog right now though so take your time Andre!

  • I’m glad to see there is some interest besides me!

  • eelco: Sounds good! :)

  • Interested in complete kit, miss my crazy acid machine (with its variable slide) since I sold it… and I am TERRIbLE at self-sourcing

  • i got 10 pcb sets for anushri.

    just building 3 in a row, in case someone wants any or bare pcb, but right now i would like folling parts, cause its hard to single source them:

    R26, R27 Pot, vertical, PCB mount 100kA 2 88-RK09D113F25C0A

    Pot, vertical, PCB mount Center detent 10kB 3 688-RK09D1130C3C
    IC1, IC12, IC13 LM4040 Vref TO92 4.1V 3 595-LM4040C41ILP 1575155

    I cannot even find those pots on any other source than mouser, and mouser is 20euro packaging under 60e for europe, so maybe we could combine an order.

    Thanks a lot.

    oh and of course big thing are still the cases, i got no clue how to do them in a economic way yet, so maybe also group order on schaeffer, or something else?

  • if no full kits I’d be up for PCB + programmed chips probably just let me know price cheers

  • Ok , Mex , i make the work and you sell the PCB’s . Thanks . So i hope you give also support .
    Looks like that i need not order the PCB’s. hy in hell do you don’t make your Own thread ?? – A

  • quote: Ok , Mex , i make the work and you sell the PCB’s

    welcome to the free market :) the system is called capitalism.

    No I am just kidding, sorry for my short post, didnt mean to attack anyone, didnt even mean to offer PCBs, i did it all for myself, but my PCB manufacturer sends lots of 10 and i dont wanna build 10 for me, im good with the 3 I guess :) and I do not want the other PCBs to go to the litter or to collect dust, I want them to get used by someone, but when i am ready i will make my own thread.

    So my point, sorry for confusion, was indeed the Potentiometers, cause I thought this thread was not about full kits but rather the PCBs, so maybe more people got the same problem as me.

    But to update I guess i gonna order with mouser today, cause i do not wanna wait any more.

    Sorry again, appreciate your website and work @tubeohm

  • Never mind, saw that Frank will make the cases.

  • @Adrian metal case please!

  • @Andre
    I’d be interested in full kits. What about the eventual pricing?


  • I second Paulus about a full kit.

    I have a shruthi 4PM (simply THE sound !) and just heard demos of the anushri – and fell in love again… I wonder if it’s possible to change the filter in the kit or should I consider better to change one in another shruthi ?

    Thx !

  • @Adrian metal case please! x2

  • @Ercole .. There are no other filters for the Anushri .. Unless someone designs a new version of the Anushri. But i think the filter design of the Anushri is quite similar to the 4PM in 2 pole mode with MS flavour on.

  • If you are going to do a run, why not change out those Lumberg 3.5mm jacks for something more available outside of europe

  • Hi Alitude ,

    the 3,5 jack s are a problem . I have take a look here: But mostly sold out . Actual Adrian contact me . We will discuss a new case for Anushri . A complete metal case or only the top pannel for the eurorack … that is the question . Than, Frank had also enough yellow plex for the cases. So cases are not the problem . What about the color of the PCB’s? Yellow again or maybe red ... or white .. green or blue ?? Any wishes ???..... ahh , and we need a new name because of Oliviers Brand.

    Anushri = A-Nu-Three haha , or Thushry .. any ideas ?
    A have made the PCB’s ready for production, the only thing is the name …
    ________ And here some software news. A Juno 106 Emulation – not a synth that looks like a Juno but dosen’t sound so . Damnd , to make a real emulation is realy hard work.
    This should be a 1:1 emulation . As some of you know, i had buy a Juno on the fleemarket . So i can compare direct the soft with the hardware. And with the software you can also control all valid parameters from Juno via SYSEX. Yesterday i spend the complete day to get the oscillator sounding like the original. 99% done. But this is a project for relaxing for me.
    _________________ let me kow if you have ideas for the New Name of Anushri …. and the PCB colors….
    Greets Andre’

    1272 x 528 - 108K
  • @shiftr
    Thanx for your answer !!! I heard the anushri filter, a bloody good baby too !!!! Ok so I’d rather get a shruthi and put my ir3109 in it ? But do I need another board for the filter or can it be swapped ? I’m really sorry to ask it here, the sonic engine of the shruthi is wonderful and I dream to have a few ones with different vintage filters.

  • My case will look something like this.
    It’s the same case from Anushri Eurorack to tabletop , only the panel isn’t from MI. It will be 2mm powder coated aluminum.
    Panel will be fully compatible with Eurorack.
    Another color option is also possible, this is just first sketch.

  • @Ercole maybe start a new thread or search the forum in the shruthi sections… There are loads of ‘which filter’ threads on the forum.

  • @shiftr

    I did. Thx for infos. Now I stop derailing this thread…

  • Just finished a T-Phoenix from TubeOhm. I’m sure you all know this already but Andre sent the kit very quickly and has been very helpful with everything – from helping me choose a good soldering iron to ad-hoc assistance with any questions I had during the build. That was my first DIY project so now I have a thirst for more and the Anushri looks perfect for me… I wish however that we could create a clear distinction on what Andre is offering and what anyone else is, rather than the blatant thread hijacking… I get it – its open hardware which means anyone can do it, but at least start another thread???

  • @Ercole , hope i understand you right . Normally you can swap the filters in Shruthi or Phoenix. Phoenix is the same like shruthi , only the name had changed .
    Filter swapping in Anushri – it is possible – but i must take a deeper look into the schematics. It isn’t so that the filter is a separate modul – like in Shruthi . So this needs a little solder works and maybe also changing some parts . but normally it must be possible to use a filter board from Shruthi . – but than you have the problem that the case is too small .
    -G Andre PS – i think i order a first batch of Anushri PCB’s this week .

  • I’m still up for full kit with original filter, if this helps keep it simple.

  • @tubeohm

    You’re very nice to answer me – my questions are quite stupid I know… I’m not a synth builder, just user, but trying to understand how far the diy philosophy of Mutable Instrument goes… I’m impressed and then curious like a cat ! ;-)



  • I am interested in PCBs and pre-programmed MCUs.
    Thank you.

  • Hello. I’m interested in a full kit, and if possible with a metal case. Nice work keeping the Anushri in the game. New name suggestion; Anohmri.

  • You have no idea how exciting this news is to me.

    I would be interested in full kit or at least PCBs and pre-prog chips.

    I believe it would have a huge appeal. Lo-fi synth and generative drum machine ….
    Not to mention all those who would love one in their eurorack set-up.

    Sign me up.

  • Hey Andre’, I am interested in a set of PCB’s…

    About the name, since you used a Greek mythcal figure for Shruthi, I propose “Dryad”. Also a Greek mythological figure, a tree nymph and the Anushri is a bit of a nymph ;)

  • Hello,
    i know this thread is 1 year old, but by any chance do you still have PCBs available for the Anushri? If not any idea where i could try to source some?

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