Any chance to see a new midi project 4element+4clouds+sequencer
  • Hello, dreaming about a midi box with a huge mass of your last code and a big midi possibility. do you think that this amount of code could run in a single box with 4in-4out, and could be used as a multieffect (cloud), is it a dream???
    Have you plan new synth midi box with your last euro work?

  • > Have you plan new synth midi box


  • Kinda hard to compete against Korg and Roland pumping out boxes for £300 I think?

  • If the concept is good enough people won’t mind paying 900€.

    It’s just that I wouldn’t know what to put in this box.

    Certainly not Elements and Clouds. These things love CVs and external audio, controlling these with MIDI would be pointless. I know there are many videos where we see people using Clouds with not a single CV patched in, just the audio INs and OUTs, but I guarantee you they’re going to quickly grow tired of it and realize this is not what this module is about.