[ help! ]Weird Square Wave on my Anushri.
  • I recently built two Anushris and they have same issue on square wave OSC ( when I turn the mix to the PW side I heard very weak and sawtooth like sound)。

    Then I bought an old DC decoupled oscilloscope. I found I got wrong signal from test point F. It’s a flat line with some dotted pulse. If I turn on PW lfo mod then the pulse would expand. Since I got two boards with the same problem I believe bad solder points couldn’t cause at that odd. I have no clue at all and stuck here for months. Any idea or hint would help.

  • >>scopping the F spot
    >> K spot

  • >>Image of my Main board.

    Sorry about my image host. I’m from China so most of them are blocked…...

  • Oh,I forget to mention:
    1.I got zero respond on the PW pot.
    2.I got a strange Square wave if I turn on the Sync sw.
    3.DCO in SUB is not working

  • still no luck here. I tried to replace everything around the osc part. Nothing Changed.