Anushri External Sync at 20,000bmp???
  • I was using the external sync on my Anushri (drum module) for a while with no problems, but turned it on today and 70bpm sent from Cubase sounded like 500+ on the drum module. I test the midi with Midipal and it shows 70bmp from the computer. I then tested the Midi out from the Anushri and it showed 70bmp, but would sometimes jump to 20,000bpm.
    The internal clock reads 16bmp on the MIDIpal and when tapped on a metronome I got 48bmp at the slowest setting. At the fastest setting, 80bmp on the MIDIpal and 240 on my metronome.
    Any ideas?

  • I just found the instructions for factory reset which fixed the problem.

  • The manual has a section about the clock resolution setting.