Synth DIY modules PCB's for sale....
  • Hi everybody,

    Just to let you know that since the last years I’ve been
    enjoying the building of my Moog system 55 clone with its many
    Dotcom modules. I carefully made lots of detailed pictures
    and ready to download files of all the schematics, PCB’s,
    specs text files and synth case drawing with dimensions..
    Most of the modules are customized ones but some are specific existing ones
    like the VCO’s that are in reality MOTM-300 UltraVCO’s
    redrawn to fit my dotcom frontpanels + cases.
    AND all my filters are original design’s Moog 904A,B,C modules
    reverse engineered to available PCB’s to buy..
    I found a post in this forum that listed suppliers of DIY synth module PCB’s..
    Well just add me on that list for any of my modules PCB’s.
    You can have a look at my Modular project files here:

    Feel free to PM me for any informations.
    Thanks for looking !
    J-Pierre Desrochers

  • Any info on where you’re located?
    I don’t personally care that much about 4U stuff, I’ve got enough in one addiction(eurocrack), but might be useful info for those with too much disposable income ;)

  • I seem to remember this project being based out of Québec, no? Either way, as someone with Desrochers blood I can certainly attest to the Québecois heritage!