Module tester build - questions
  • hello guys,

    i have started a module tester build and so far everything is going fine. anyway i have some questions for you:

    1. there is no IC socket for ATMEGA – do you solder it without it? i think it’s better to use DIP 40 IC socket instead.
    2. there is an inconsistence in parts in BOM and layout:

    - all 5 diodes are 1N4001 in BOM but 1N4004 on the layout – is it matter? i have bought these 1N4004s and already soldered..:) so? – C8 is 1n in the layout but in BOM it’s with the rest of 100n… also C22 is 2 pieces in BOM so i consider that C8 is 1n as well – so? what is the right value of C8 :)

    3. i have bought LCD but i don’t have a clue how to mount it – i have bought the same one as in BOM (mouser part763-0216K1Z-NSA-FBW)
    there is no pins whatever.. please advice.

    4. what is the resistor value for this LCD?

    5. how difficult is to flash ATMEGA and what tools i need?

    thanks a lot! jurek

  • 1. You can use a socket. References can be found in the Shruthi BOM.

    2. 1N4001 and 1N4004 only differ in their maximum current. Both will work. I recommend 1n for C8. What’s the issue with the BOM anyway? C8 and C22 are 1.0n in the BOM.

    3. You need to use a male header for the LCD. For example, Mouser 649-68001-416HLF.

    4. 3.3 ohm.

    5. An AVR ISP programmer.

  • thanks for the answer. could you point out which AVR ISP would be the best? or any would work?

  • Generally speaking, any usbasp or stk500v2 compatible clone should work. There are plenty on eBay for next to nothing…