Malfunctioning Anushri after being unused
  • I built an anushri from the last official run by MI, however long ago that was. I remember it functioned as it should. Then it went into storage until just the other day.

    Im having totally random behaviour from the soft pots, not controlling what they should. The drums sound awful not following a pattern at times, crush all the way up, parameters sometimes changing themselves. Im not able to edit these parameters as I should be. Some pots don’t work at all, others control random things. Its bizzare.

    It responds to external MIDI fine, I was sequencing it, but anything involving digital modulation sources or the drums is not responding as it should. VCF ENV doesnt seem to do anything, and theres always some VCF LFO applied even at minimum. Often the LFO speed and shape changes on its own.

    Im assuming its not the 4051 multiplexers feeding noisy pot data into the Atmega, unless they’ve both gone bad. Is it possible that firmware on the Atmega, or the chip itself got damaged like this?

    Looks like ill be ordering a programmer and some 4051’s

  • A defective 4051 might be the cause.

    Damaged firmware (if there’s such a thing) doesn’t run at all. You would need to be very, very lucky for random firmware corruption to cause the unit to remain functional with just one unusual quirk.

  • I had a similar issue with one of my Anushris (...), and what helped was just to press all IC firmly into their sockets.
    Working like a charm again.

  • New 4051’s and nothing. Turned out to be the Atmega having wiggled loose slightly. Doesnt seem to like the socket it’s in.


  • Yes, the Atmega tries to escape sometimes – what kind of music are you trying to make it play :-) ?

  • Could we start a new thread on escaping Atmega’s vs. styles of music? At least I finally understand why the midipal is hard SMD soldered :-) and the effort was worth it. That little box of tricks can get up to no end of mischief!

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