VC 24dB/oct High Pass Filter with VCA
  • After reading Olivier’s document about vcf with vca :
    I’m wondering if the LPF design (attached) could be adapted for a high pass filter, using the four VCAs of a 2164 or a LM13700 for 4 poles.
    Plus, i really like the sound of the Ripples filter :)
    Any thoughts ?

    Capture d’écran 2016-07-31 à 14.30.07.png
    737 x 370 - 31K
  • I’ve always thought it would have been cool if Ripples’ VCA acted on the output of all filter types, rather then just the 4-pole lowpass.


  • Hi , next comes the SMR4-Pole mixing for eurorack. With 16 filtertypes .

    Greets Andre’ TubeOhm
  • @tubeohm do you mean you’re going to make one?

    I think Doepfer already make a pole-mixing filter module, actually.


  • And ? Let Doefer do it , i make it too. I hope i get this thing ready this year . In fact , the CPU control is ready and the schematics also . I simply must build it, But actuall all my time goes into the DE-Generator. But the filter we will use are the same – . Ok , the DE-Generator had only 7 Filtertypes
    and is stereo – but stereo is not usefull for a eurorack modul. Better more filtertypes.
    Greets Andre’

  • Glad the read that Andre :) good luck

  • @tubeohm
    rats… I was hoping for a stereo module / non euro rack on this one. Still loving the stereo SVF shruthi as a filter.

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