Ripples, Replacing Lm13700 with CA3080
  • Hey,

    I am having a bit of a problem to source some LM13700. I was wondering if could replace it with CA3080?

    Cheers, Ashvin.

  • A CA3080 is functionally equivalent to a half LM13700. If you’re building this on veroboard / breadboard this should work.

  • LM13700 is easy to get on the likes of e-bay …

  • It’s not like it’s a discontinued rare IC… Even the old-school brick and mortar electronics shops in Paris have it!

  • Alright guys, thanks. Ill order some LM13700 and also give the Ca3080 a try!

  • CA3080 shot up in price lately, seem out of production.

    Had to replace some in my Doepfer Wasp module, payed like 5 usd for each.

    Just one more reason to avoid them I guess

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