Save presets on Anushri
  • Hi All.

    I am extremely new to the world of synths. I got my first synth built a couple days ago (owned a microkorg previously), a lovely sounding Anushri, which I am very happy about. What is the best hardware/software configuration for me to be able to save presets? Currently I am just plugging an Arturia Keystep into it via midi connection. Also, I own a mac with Ableton live. Looking for the cheapest, best option, if such a thing exists. Many Thanks for your time.

  • There are no presets on the Anushri… It’s for a big part a real analog synth. That means the knobs are analog pots which are in the synthesis signal path. So the setting of the knobs is the preset. there is nothing that can save them except your hands putting them in the right spot.

  • Save presets by snapping a photo of the Anushri´s panel with your phone!

  • Oh, ok, got it. I was thinking there might be some midi trick around capturing presets for it. Guess I’ll be taking snapshots. Thanks for the help.

  • There is a nice editor for it:

  • Thanks for the editor, I downloaded and am checking it out. Does this mainly serve as another way to interface with the Anushri or does it offer additional functions?

  • I found the original editor thread, reading now, thanks again.

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