WTT (US) Looking to trade some eurorack modular for a Shruthi XT
  • I have:
    Mutable Instruments Braids
    Flame C-3 Knob Recorder
    TipTop Z4000 CV Voltage-Controlled Envelope Generator

    Please let me know!


    Other stuff to trade/sell:
    Jomox MBrane 1_1 with PSU and Box, ex. condition
    Presonus ACP88 – 8 channel comp/limiter/gate w/ sidechain input on EVERY channel
    dbx166XL stereo comp/limiter/gate
    MOTU Ultralite MK3 FW – 8in/10out – at least 24/96 compatible – may have noise on one preamp
    Elektron 2-tier side cheeks, not wood, very techno, black

  • PS – I have references. Located in Los Angeles, CA.

  • i maybe have a shruthi XT to trade, i am really attached to it, so i have to think about it, but maybe we could work something

  • Oh! Hello Lamouette_rck! I didn’t get notified of your reply here. Why don’t I PM you a list of what I’ve got.