Japanese Shruthis
  • I’ve been servicing musical equipment, mainly vintage gear for about 15 years.
    But since 2016 I sell pre-built DIY stuff like Yocto, Nava, Stereoping controllers, etc here in Japan.
    At the end of 2016 I decided to build Shruthi and Ambika synths as well.
    Since I had a few new CEM3379 and SSM2044 chips in stock from my former activity, I decided to make a small run of Shruthi with those filters.
    I had enough chips to make 4 of each.
    I kept 1 of each for me so I have 3 CEM3379 (white one) and 3 SSM2044 (black one) Shruthis available for sale.
    Since I used all the chips I had, I won’t make more of them in the future.
    Price is 34500 Yen excluding shipping.
    No AC adapter provided except if you are located in Japan.
    Please PM me if interested.

    1200 x 880 - 210K
    1200 x 600 - 248K
    1200 x 803 - 169K
    1200 x 568 - 133K