Shruthi audio out problem
  • Hey all,

    First post so hi to everyone out there, seems like a great forum :)

    I’ve got a standard Shruthi with SMR4 that was working ok but then I got it out after not using it for a bit and the output is really erratic, the filter not acting correctly and cancelling all audio out at points. The unit powers up fine and all the digital aspects seem ok.

    The input supply works and on the top PCB “Shruthi-1” all appears to be working e.g. the Display panel is working OK,
    The buttons and LED’s are working, and the THREE outputs on
    The left hand end of the PCB of “+5v” and “GND”, are giving
    The correct +5v and 0v when measured with a meter.
    There does not appear to be any damage to the components of the bottom PCB either.

    Any ideas or similar common issues?



  • Could the problem be due to a bad connection between both boards? Does anything specific happen when you wiggle the connector between the two boards?

  • Thanks for the quick reply – will check it out and report back